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Tibet Travel Advice

Fly to Everest base camp

Everest base camp airport will be put into use at the end of year 2023. Tingri airport is only 53km from Everest base camp, and less than 5 hours driving. It will make travelling to Everest base camp much easier

Last Update:June 16,2023
Different Colors Meanings in Tibetan Buddhism

In Tibetan Buddhism, there are two colors that are sacred, red and yellow. Only temples, Buddhist monasteries and other important Buddhist sites are allowed to use the revered colors. Do you know what...

Last Update:April 27,2023
Tibet Travel Guide and Preparation in July

This article will provide you with travel tips to Tibet in July and take you through the beautiful plateau summer! Summer is the prime season for Tibetan tourism, especially July. During this time, the weather in Tibet is sunny and warm, and the natural scenery and human landscapes are at their most beautiful.

Last Update:April 19,2023
Best Tibet Tour Guide in June

The weather in Tibet is warming up in June, which is the best season to visit, but the geographical location and weather of this place in Tibet are more special, so there are many places to pay attention to. If you are traveling to Tibet in June, here are some Tibet tour guides for June. We hope they will be helpful to you.

Last Update:April 16,2023
Tibet Travel Guide: Times, Cost, Tips, Permit, Advisory, Maps

Tibet travel guide provides the latest Tibet travel information including Tibet attractions, hotels and restaurants, transportation, costs, weather, maps, shopping, nightlife, pictures, Tibet travel advice, and Tibet travel services including Tibet travel permits, private Tibet tours, Tibet group tours, Tibet trekking and biking, religious koalas, and more.

Last Update:April 02,2023
Top Tibet Hiking Tours

There are three main routes in top tibet hiking tours, which are Gang Rinpoche, Everest Eastern slope trek and Kula Gangri trek. These three routes are different in difficulty, so today I will give yo...

Last Update:March 27,2023
Best Time To Visit Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is between May and October, when the sky is basically the clearest and most beautiful. Of course, the price is also the most expensive. June and early September should be the best time from the perspective of scenery.

Last Update:March 20,2023
Military Permit for Mt. Kailash Tour

According to the government policy for traveling in Tibet, visiting some remote areas or sensitive border areas only with the TTB permit is not enough.

Last Update:March 11,2023
Permit to Visit Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain whose peak is 8848 meters above sea level

Last Update:March 10,2023
Important issues about Tibet permit

Are there any restrictions on foreign tourists to visit Tibet? What about overseas Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Macao residents?Foreign tourists must be organized to travel to Tibet. They must be...

Last Update:March 10,2023

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