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8 Days Xinjiang Wusun Ancient Trail Trekking Tour

Price from USD 985 p/p

May to October Best Time
4 ~ 18 Group Size
3860 Max Altitude
Yining,Qiongkushitai village,Kekesu River, Tiger Mouth, Paradise lake,Tianshan mountain

Most famous trekking route in Xinjiang for crossing Tianshan Mountain with 122km trekking inside the mountain without any signals, only surrounded by turquoise lake, wild river, beautiful villagess. 7 Days Xinjiang Wusun Ancient Trail Trekking Tour together with 8 Days Daocheng Yading rockline trekking are best trekking route for outdoor lovers.

Day1 Arrive Yining
Day2 Yining-Tekes-Qiongkushitai BC
Day3 Qiongkushitai-Qiongdaban-Kunuosayi BC
Day4 Kunuosayi-Kekesu Riverside BC
Day5 Kekesu-Paradise lake BC
Day6 Paradise lake-Tiger Mouth-Two lakes-Akebulakedaban-Bozikerige river valley BC
Day7 Bozikerige-Heiying Mountain Village-Kuche
Day 8 Kuche departure
Itinerary Details

Day 1 Yining Arrival

After arriving in Yining, please kindly go to the reserved hotel on your own. The rest time is for you to get relax or hang around nearby.


1. We will have a brief meeting at around 8pm (the exact time will be set depending on current situation) to check if you have prepared necessary equipment for this trek.

2. Today we don't have any activity. Please take care of your belongings and your safety. The insurance coverage starts from tomorrow.

Activity: /

Meal: /

Accommodatioin: Yining hotel (twin share)

Altitude: 639m

Day 2 Yining-Tekes-Qiongkushitai BC

In the morning, we will drive to Tekes (about 128km, 2hrs) and have lunch. Afterwards we will continue to go to Qiongkushitai (about 92km, 3hrs). Leave your big luggage to the horse 

and we will only carry our own small backpack and trek. We will trek along the Qiongkushitai River and walk into the dense forest for about 7km, and then cross a bridge to reach a 

pasture to have some rest. Later we will continue to trek to a board grassland where we will have access of clean water and flat campsite.


1. The arriving time could be affected by holidays, road condition, traffic, etc.

2. Please buy the necessary food during the trip in Tekes (better be high calorie).

3. When reaching Qiongkushitai Village, please respect local religion.

Trek: 14km, 500m ↑

Meal: BD

Accommodation: Qiongkushitai BC

Altitude: 2800m

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Day 3 Qiongkushitai-Qiongdaban-Kunuosayi BC

Today's challenge would be crossing the Qiongdaban (3744m). We sstart in the morning and trek slowly to the crossing of 2 rivers and turn right into the valley. There are more 

and more stones. After about 3km, we will get ready to cross the river and continue to hike up. We need to hike about 200m till we reach the Qiongdaban where we can have a 

nice view of snow mountains afar. Afterwards, we will hike down for about 3km and reach our campsite - Kunuosayi BC.

Note: There will be more and more stones on the way to Daban. Please watch your steps and do not leave the group.

Trek: 18km, 1240m ↑, 440m ↓

Meal: BD

Accommodation: Kunuosayi BC

Altitude: 3350m

Day 4 Kunuosayi-Kekesu Riverside BC

After breakfast, we will start today's journey. Because we will continue to hike down with big height drop, it's better to wear your kneepad. Walking along the grassland for about 10km,

we will cross rivers for more than 10 times and finally reach the Kekesu Riverside. Continue to hike down the valley for 5km, we will experience the thrilling zip rope crossing the Kekesu 

River and camp over there. The campsite is quite flat and you can also buy things from the nomad there.

Note: Please kindly keep the important tips from the operator of the zip rope in mind and obey the rules.

Trek: 18km, 1300m ↓

Meal: BD

Accommodation: Kekesu Riverside BC

Altitude: 2000m

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Day 5 Kekesu-Paradise Lake BC

Today is a relaxing day! You can fully explore the Paradise Lake in every possible angle or go to the Tiger Mouth to shoot amazing photos. 

Of course, lying on the grassland by the lake and meditating would also be a good choice!

NOTE: Today is for 8-day version plan. If you choose 7-day version, you will skip to next day directly.

Trek: /

Meal: BD

Accommodation: Paradise Lake BC

Altitude: 3020m

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Day 6 Paradise Lake-Tiger Mouth-Two Lakes-Akebulakedaban-Bozikerige River Valley BC

Today, we need to cross the Akbulakdaban at an altitude of 3830 meters. Then descend to camp in the Bozikerige River Valley. Starting in the morning, we will walk along the plank road beside Paradise Lake and passed the Tiger Mouth. After taking photos, we will climb over Akebulakedaban. Akebulakedaban is a sharp rise in snow, very steep. From September to October, the snow is very thick. After climgbing 200m, you will see a small lake the size of a football field. The water quality of the lake is average. From the lake to Akebulakedaban, we still need to ascend about 500m. Akebulakedaban is the highest point of our trip. Even in summer, you ca still see snow. Around National Holidays, there is also possibility of snowstorm. After reaching the top, we will descend 800m to the Bozikerige River Valley and camp at the riverside.

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Day 7 Bozikerige-Heiying Mountain Village-Kuche

Today's trip is to slowly descend in the river valley to the Heiying Mountain and the mouth of the valle. During which we need to wade in the same river channel repeatedly. Because the river channel changes from time to time, but basically about 40 times. The river is always cold and turbulent. It is recommended to bring waterproof socks and upstream shoes. Members with less strength can plan ahead to ride across the river (safely and extra cost at own expense). After reaching Heiying Mountain Village (1940m), we will drive to the Kuche City. After taking a shower, we will arrange a celebration dinner. Kuche has very convenient access (bus, flight, train) to Urumuqi or other destinations. Please arrange your transport back for next day.


1. The geography of Kuche is complicated with big temperature difference (10~15℃). Please do not catch cold.

2. After eating fruits, please do not drink hot/cold water immediately to avoid diarrhoea.

3. Things at these areas are sold by kg not by gram. Please check the price carefully and avoid any misunderstanding.

4. Please respect local religion. Most of the people are Islam. They do not eat pork. 

Trek: 28km, 240m ↓

Meal: BD

Accommodation: Kuche hotel (twin share)

Altitude: 1940m

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Day 8 Kuche Departure

Leave Kuche at your own arrangement and end up the service

Xinjiang Wusun trekkingXinjiang Wusun trekking

Price Guide

Price Inclusions

1.Local transferYining-Tekes-Qiongkushitai: private vehicleHeiying Mountain-Kuche: public bus or private vehicle 

2 AccmmodationYining: hotel with twin share basisKuche: hotel with twin share basis 

3 Meals mentioned above7 days: 6 breakfasts & 6 dinners8 days: 7 breakfasts & 7 dinners 

4 Horse fee for luggage (15kg/person) 

5 Professional trekking leader (Chinese speaking, can help during the trip with wechat translation) 

6 Trekking gearsTent, moisture proof pad, walking stick: not provided during holidays and peak seasonsBurner, gas, cookware, communication tools 

7 Service fee 

8 Government tax 

9 Tourist insurance 

Price Exclusions

1Transport to Yining and leave Kuche 

2 Kuokesu River zip rope (200 RMB/person) 

3 Your own expenses (shopping, horse riding, etc.) 

4 Meals not mentioned above 

5 Single room supplement 

6 Extra cost caused by force majeure (flight delay or cancellation, natural disaster, due to your own body condition, illness, etc. that you need to leave during the trip) 

7 Your own trekking gears (sleeping bag can be rented from us) 

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1. 7*24 English Professional Customer service Support! Whenever you are in need, our customer service will be available to help you. 

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3.  Safety guarantee journey and well-euipped logistic support team

For mountain hike trip , we provide

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4. We took to you less-tourists visited off the beaten path only to let you know real China 

China Adventure offers off the beaten travel onlyChina Adventure offers off the beaten travel only

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