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Western Sichuan In-depth 10 Days Tour with Jiuzhai Valley

Price from USD 1380 p/p

March to November Best Time
2 ~ 10 Group Size
4278 Max Altitude
Leshan Giant Bhudda, Emei mountain, Kanding, Danba, Siguniang mountain, Jiuzhaigou park, Huanglong park

This route is an in-depth tour covering most classic sites in Sichuan including Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei, Xinduqiao, Tagong, Danba, Siguniang Mountain and the famous Jiuzhai Valley & Huanglong Park. You will see cute animals, amazing mountains, boundless grasslands, mysterious Tibetan villages, wonderful snow mountains and the "paradise on earth"--Jiuzhai Valley. If you are the first time visitors, this route will be perfect for you to get to kno

Day 1: Arrive Chengdu - Leshan - Emeishan (B)
Day 2: Emeishan (B)
Day 3: Emeishan - Kangding (B)
Day 4: Kangding - Xinduqiao - Tagong (B)
Day 5: Tagong - Danba (B)
Day 6: Danba - Rilong (B)
Day 7: Rilong - Chengdu - Jiuzhai Valley (B)
Day 8: Jiuzhai Valley (B)
Day 9: Jiuzhai Valley - Huanglong - Chengdu (B)
Day 10: Chengdu (B)
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Arrive Chengdu - Leshan - Emeishan (B)

Arrive in Chengdu in the morning. Upon arrival, we visit one of the world’s largest wildlife rescue operations, the Panda Research and Breeding Center. We visit the station in which researchers from all over the world have joined forces to save this rapidly declining species. We shall learn about the rescue efforts and get to see these cuddly, playful bears. Then we drive to Leshan. On our arrival, we take a short boat trip to see the Leshan Giant Buddha, the world’s tallest statue of a seated Buddha. It is believed that the statue, carved into the mountain, was built by ancient sailors to protect them from the turbulent waters of the swiftly flowing rivers. Indeed, once the statue was built, the turbulence stopped, and, when we are on site, we shall understand how this mysterious change came about. After that, we continue to Emeishan. Overnight in Emeishan.


Day 2: Emeishan (B)

Spend the most of the day visit the sacred Buddhism Mountain –Emeishan Mountain. We will take cable car up to visit the Wanniansi Temple. Then we will walk down the mountain, and pass by the Monkey Area & Qingyin Pavilion. And we will visit Gold Summit with cable car. Overnight in Emeishan.


Day 3: Emeishan - Kangding (B)

In the morning we drive to Kangding. Upon arrival we go to visit Mugecuo Nature Reserve, as one of the highest lake in west sichuan-3700 KM, trails of the lake also have “red sea”, “7 color lake” and so on, together with hot spring and well preserved forest and river, make Mugecuo a must see nature reserve in west Sichuan. In the late afternoon we will walk around at Kangding Town. Overnight in Kangding.


Day 4: Kangding - Xinduqiao - Tagong (B)

In the morning we drive to Xinduqiao, so called the paradise for photographing. Then we drive to Tagong Monastery via Zheduoshan. Tagong Monastery has a history of more than one thousand years, is a one holy place for worship by the Tibetan. After that we take soft hike at the beautiful Bamei Grassland. Overnight in Tagong.


Day 5: Tagong - Danba (B)

In the morning we drive to Danba, glorified as the most beautiful village and the natural geologic museum in China is located in the west of Sichuan, with unique scenery of high-peaked mountains, overlapping peaks, deep canyons and so on. Then we visit Jiaju Tibetan village-Jiaju Tibetan Village is one of the most beautiful village in China, has been listed the No1 most beautiful village in China by National Geography since 2005, The Tibetan village in Danba are famous for the very unique building with white color wall and paintings of sun, moon, stars and Buddhism symbols, and all these surrounded by beautiful mountain and river, shows a harmonious combination of human and nature. Then we proceed to visit Zhonglu Tibetan Village-with hundreds of years building and watch towers owns by private farmer, they have inherit and protect their home generation to generation, with less developed economy, people here are still living in a tranquil and peaceful life without really touched by today’s technology. Overnight in Danba.


Day 6: Danba - Rilong (B)

In the morning we drive to Rilong. Mountain Siguniang (Four Girls Mountain) is a group of four perennially snow-covered peaks and has a well-protected natural environment with flourishing wild-life. Its peaks, canyons, clouds, and creeks are all marvels to the senses and they enthrall enthusiastic visitors. Then we visit Changping Valley. Changping Valley is not only a beautiful natural landscape, but also a rare ancient battlefield. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Imperial Court made two conquests to Jinchuan County and fought here. The remains are rare to see, but the swords and guns at that time remains in the imagination. The Tibetan villages are dotted in the Valley with Guozhuang Platform for annual sacrifice of Holy Mountain- Siguniang Mountain and Lamaseries. Changping Valley is attractive for its vast sky gently over the valley. Overnight in Rilong.


Day 7: Rilong - Chengdu - Jiuzhai Valley (B)

In the morning we drive to Shuangqiao Valley. Shuangqiao Valley is famous for snow peaks, pastures, grasslands and forests. It got its name from two wooden bridges in the ditch. We can experience the real pastoral scenery. Then we drive back to Chengdu airport for flight to Jiuzhai Valley. Overnight in Songpan.


Day 8: Jiuzhai Valley (B)

Jiuzhai Valley and its superb and breathtaking landscapes are extremely attractive on account of the karst scenery, the large number of lakes, and spectacular waterfalls. A great number of endangered plant and animal species, including the giant panda, inhabit this wonderland. The name Jiuzhai Valley derives from the nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley. Its attraction lies in its simple, idyllic beauty; it is primitive and natural and still in a pristine state. With majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layered waterfalls, colorful forests, snow-peaked mountains, and Tibetan folk villages, all blending in harmony with each other, it is a jewel of nature set in spectacular mountain scenery. Jiuzhai Valley lies in a transitional area where northern and southern flora and fauna meet. A natural botanical and zoological garden, it is home to densely growing conifers and broadleaf trees, and to rare and endangered animal species such as the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, and white-lip deer. Overnight in Jiuzhai Valley.


Day 9: Jiuzhai Valley - Huanglong - Chengdu (B)

After visiting Mounigou Nature Reserve we drive to the nearby Huanglong Nature Reserve. Huang Long literally means ‘The Yellow Dragon Valley’ and it is commonly known to the Chinese people as ‘The fairyland on Earth’ for its undeniably breathtaking landscapes. The valley was added to UNESCO’s Natural World Heritage List in 1992.Running along the southern slopes of the Minshan mountain range, the valley is a true wonder of nature, with stunning limestone formations, some 3400 pounds of all shapes and colors, stalactite caves and beautiful waterfalls. In addition, several ancient temples dot the landscape. All these features, together with the snowcapped peaks of the Minshan in the background, make up an area that is not often visited, but a beautiful day is in prospect for anyone willing to make the journey. In the evening we transfer to airport for flight to Chengdu. Overnight in Chengdu.


Day 10: Chengdu (B)

Send to train station/airport depending on your departure schedule. Tour ends.

Price Guide

Price Inclusions

1. Local transfer

2. Local guide

3. Accommodation

4. Entrance tickets

5. Environment friendly bus inside Jiuzhai Vally

6. Cable car at Huanglong Park

7. Service fee

8. Government tax

9. Insurance

Price Exclusions

1. Round way air ticket

2. Tips

3. Meals

4. Your own expenses

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