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Fly to Everest base camp

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Shigatse Tingri Ariport- The nearest airport to Everest base camp will be put into use at the end of year 2023

By end of year 2023, it is possible to fly to Tingri  Airport which is only 53km from Everest base camp. First trail flight had been conducted on May 20, 2023! A chartered flight from Shanghai with 120 passanger to try this flight and also a 12 days tour was arranged.

This airport locates in Tingri county in Shigatse city, which is only 53km from Everest base camp and 33km from Tingri. Altitude of Shigatse Tingri airport is of 4600m.  When this airport put to use, it will be only less than 5hrs driving from this airport to Everest base camp.

Is it recommended to take this flight and drive directly to Everest base camp?

The answer is “ No”. Unless you are living at high plateau, otherwise you are still recommended to have enough acclimatize before going to Everest base camp. It is adviseable to fly to Lhasa  and have some days in Lhasa (3650m) and travelling gradually to Everest Base camp with 1 night stay in Shigatse ( 3850m).

Unless you are of tight shedule and you cope well with the alittude. Then it is worthy a try with this flight journey to Everest Base camp.

Helicopter option to Everest base camp in Tibet so far is still not avaialble. Maybe in future, it will be available

From where you can fly to Tingri Airport?

There will be only two cites have flight  running to Tingri airport :  Chengdu and Lhasa. This will be of good advantage for emergency rescure for those who need immediate medcial support or need to be transferred to lower alititude place.  It will be a double insurance for who would like to travel to Tibet but be afraid of alittude reaction.


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