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7 Days Xinjiang Karajun Grassland Trekking Tour

Price from USD 688 p/p

May-June Best Time
4-28 Group Size
2920 Max Altitude
Yining-Xianhuatai BC-East Karajun BC-Tarim BC-Qiaxi Grassland BC--Mohuer-Yining

Karajun in Kazakh means the grassland on the ridge. It is one of the most beautiful places in Tianshan with an original natural appearance, in which grassland blends with forests, and snow-covered peaks rise over the valleys. Rated as World Natural Heritage in 2013 and has been called ‘The world’s rare alpine grassland’ by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, a trek through this amazing grassland offers a heavenly experience.

Yining Arrival
Yining-Tekes-Xianhuatai BC
Xianhuatai BC-East Karajun BC
East Karajun BC-Kizilstaban-Tarim BC
Tarim BC-Qiaxi Grassland BC
Qiaxi Grassland BC-Mohuer
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Yining Arrival

Today we will arrive in Yining. Please go to the reserved hotel on your own. If you have enough time, you can stroll around to explore the city and local cuisine.

Meal: /

Accommodation: hotel (twin share)

Activity: /

Altitude: 620m


1. We will meet at the hotel at around 8pm to have a brief meeting to check if your trekking gears are ready.
2. The check-in time would be after 12:00 noon time. If you arrive early, you can put your luggage at the reception and hang around.

Day 2: Yining-Tekes-Xianhuatai BC

After breakfast, we will drive to the Tekes (Bagua City). It is famous for its layout of Eight-Diagram. The street layout is like a magical labyrinth. At the same time, Bagua city has rich folk customs, unique and splendid history culture and beautiful natural scenery. Please note that Tekes is our last stop where you can buy supplies. After lunch we will continne to drive to Karajun Scenic Area and to to Xianhuatai BC. Today's trekking is only 4km so take it easy. Xianhuatai means flower platform in Chinese. It's a shooting place of a Chinese moive called FLOWER. You can appreciate blue sky and floating clouds with stunning snow mountain standing behind. You can also see green forests and blooming flowers with rich grasslands.

Meal: BD

Accommodation: camp (twin share)

Driving: 200km, 5hrs

Trekking: 4km, 1.5hrs

Altitude: 2000m

Xianhuatai BC Scenery Karajun Trek Scenery

Day3: Xianhuatai BC-East Karajun BC

After breakfast, we will start at around 9am. Today we will hike through Xianhuatai all the way to East Karajun BC. During the trekking, you will feel like walking in a beautiful picture. Enjoy the breeze and watch the animals grazing leisurely on the grassland with colorful flowers nearby. We may reach the East Karajun BC around dinner time. Have a pleasent dinner and take rest under the milky way.

Meal: BD

Accommodation: camp (twin share)

Trekking: 20km, 8hrs

Altitude: 2650m

Karajun Grassland Trek Horse Team

Day 4: East Karajun BC-Kizilstaban-Tarim Camp

Today's trekking will be relatively harder than previous 2 days because we will hike to the highest point - Kizilstaban, 2920m of this trip. At the Kizilstaban, you will have an amazing birdview of the grasslands below. After lunch, we will hike all the way down to Tarim BC. Tonight you can either choose to camp or pay some extra money to stay in local nomad's Kazakhstan style yurt (a very big bed that can accmmodate several people).

Meal: BD

Accommodation: camp (twin share)

Trekking: 22km, 10hrs

Altitude: 1900m

Karajun Trek Tarim Camp Karajun Trek Scenery

Day5: Tarim Camp-Qiaxi Grassland BC

Today we will depart at around 9am. The hiking distance is about 22km but the road condition is relatively gentle and flat. There is a saying that goes " The best of Xinjiang is Yining. The best of Yining is Qiaxi". Walking on the Qiaxi Grassland makes you feel like strolling in a wonderland. 

Meal: BD

Accommodation: camp (twin share)

Trekking: 22km, 10hrs

Altitude: 1600m

Karajun Trek Scenery Qiaxi Grassland

Day6: Qiaxi Grassland BC-Mohuer

After breakfast, let's hit the road! Today we will hike about 18km to Mohuer. The beautiful scenery is different each day. You can explore the hidden beauty of Xinjiang as much as you can.

Meal: BD

Accommodation: camp (twin share)

Trekking: 18km, 8hrs

Altitude: 1700m

Karajun Grassland Karajun Trek Scenery

Day 7: Mohuer-Kuerdening-Yining

Today is our last day. Walking on the Sukelun Grassland, you can have a far view of the highest peak of Narati Mountain - Kabanbay xohe (4275m). We will pass through Kuerdening, which is the most prototypical representative of the Tianshan Mountain Steppe Meadow bioregion. The unique natural ecological and geographical environment has created suitable living conditions for wild flora and fauna, becoming a refuge for many ancient remnant species, rich in biological resources and endemic species, and a key area of biodiversity in Tianshan. Later we will drive back to Yining and enjoy the celebration dinner. Tour ends.

Meal: BD

Accommodation: hotel (twin share)

Trekking: 15km, 5hrs

Driving: 4hrs

Altitude: 620m

Kuerdening Scenery Karajun Trek Scenery

Price Guide

Price Inclusions

1. Local transfer

2. Accmmodation (twin share basis)

3. 6 breakfasts & 6 dinners

    Camp breakfast: porriage, Xinjiang pancake, vegetable, pickled mustard stems

    Camp dinner: 4 disnes & 1 soup

    Note: During the trekking, we will provide Chinese style food. If you are not used to the flavor, you can also prepare some convenient food in advance.

4. Entrance tickets



    Qiaxi Grassland


5. Professional trekking group leader (Chinese speaking, but can help with wechat translation) 

6. Horse fee: for luggage only, 15kg/person

7. Equipment

    Tent, moisture proof pad & trekking stick (not provided during peak season)

    Cookware, burner, gas, communication tools

8. Outdoor insurance

9. Service fee

Price Exclusions

1. Train/flight to and leave Yining

2. Other small sites' entrance tickets not listed above 

3. Personal expenses

4. Meals not mentioned above

5. Single room supplement & single tent

6. Extra horse fee (if your luggage is above 15kg)

7. Tent set-up/folding fee (500 RMB/tent)

    It's only necessary if you don't know how to set up and fold the tent and need our staff to do that for you during the whole trip, not compulsory.

8. Extra cost caused by force mejeure

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