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We specialize in providing small English speaking group tour of around 12 persons, covering most classic itineraries with frequent departures at best price and tour services! We receive annually over 6000 clients from all over the world before covid-19. Join in group tour is best way for solo travelers or for those who travel on a budget.

Most Popular Small Group Tour Packages offers various small group tours with guaranteed departure dates. The tours cover the most popular destinations with unbeatable budget price and great service, such as an expedition tour to Mt. Everest in Tibet or an hiking tour in Western Sichuan Tibet region. Our affordable group tour packages max out at around 12 people. You needn’t bother to plan the details yourself, just travel with us and get the most out of your money for a safe and pleasant trip in China.

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Keep groups small in size on average of around 6 tourists to guarantee the smooth communication between tourists and guide.
Use standard A/C Tourist Vehicle in tour with Oxygen supply to make tour safe and comfort.
Use Fingertip Blood Oxygen meter to followguests’health condition on tour.
Includes Travel Insurance covering unexpected accident.
Hand-picked Restaurants with SAFE FOOD and local flavor.
Comfortable Hotel with good location and Tasty Breakfast.
Tourist-friendly Service to offer Sleeping Bagsfor Everest Tour at clients’ request
We provide 7 *24 customer service before, during and after the trip to guarantee a high quality service standard throughout the whole journey to ensure a successful trip.
China adventure aims to provide deep exploration to local places with off the beaten path travel in a way for the travelers to better enjoy local sceneries and understand local culture , people and lifestyle rather than just sightseeing!
Offer Guest House Options to youth to minimize the cost of a tour.
Offer opportunity for solo travelers to share room cost with group members. NOT mandatory Single Room Supplement Charge.
We have significant advantages for visitors booking train tickets to Tibet from the Chinese mainland,
Tourists can book train tickets along with group tour package once for all with China Adventure.

Most Asked Questions about Small Group Tour

Well, if you have a bunch of friends travelling together with you, you may consult our travel consultants to customize your group tour. They will give you the most reasonable choice, either travelling in a small group tour or in a private tour group.

Of course, you can. And you’d better tell your accommodation arrangement to our travel consultant to ensure a seamless tour planning. A small tip for you, traveling in offseason of Tibet tour in winter(late Oct to mid-Fed )can save you lots of money for the hotel. And in some cases, you can even spend less money to stay in a 5-star hotel in Lhasa.

However, one thing to remind you, the more remote places you travel like to EBC or Mt. Kailash, the less likely you can book the hotel or guest online. So, our professional service can save you from lots of troubles.

In fact, joining our small group tour couldn't be easier. And you don’t have to have at least 4 travelers from the same country to join our group tour. Both solo traveler and a bunch of friends with different nationalities can blend with other international tourists to make a small group tour.
Getting Tibet Permit (also known as Tibet Travel Permit) is the prerequisite for your Tibet tour. To get it, firstly you need to book a Tibet tour with us, then email us the photo image of your passport information page, Chinese visa page and the photo of yourself. Then we will hand the travel documents over to Tibet Tourism Bureau to process your Tibet Permit. It normally takes around 8-9 days. Then we will deliver it to your hotel or residence in China's mainland. On when you get Tibet Permit can you board the Tibet train or flight to Lhasa legally. Do plan to prepare your Tibet Permit at least 25 days before your tour starts.
It’s very convenient and safe to pay as you book our small group tour. You may make your payment by Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal and Western Union, even cash when you arrive in Lhasa. Our travel consultants will give your detailed instruction for the payment.
Actually, it depends. When a solo traveler uses a twin bed room, usually the single supplement will incur. If you agree to share the room with another traveler (same or opposite sex) in the tour group, then you don’t have to pay it. If you prefer a little privacy and are not willing to share the room, then you need to pay for the single supplement. Our travel consultants will help you arrange the accommodation.

Basically, there are two ways to reach Tibet: one is to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal; the other is to reach Tibet from China's mainland.

You can take non-stop flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa (1h30m) or enjoy the classic Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour to Lhasa (8 days). To do so, you need Tibet Travel Permit and Group Tourist Visa.

If you decide to enter Tibet from cities in China's mainland, you may either take Tibet train or flight to Lhasa. Popular Tibet-entry cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Xining, Xi'an, Chongqing. You need the Tibet Permit to board the Tibet train or flight. Yes, we offer one-stop service to secure your Tibet train and flight to Lhasa. Our travel consultant will help your booking.

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