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Best Tibet Tour Guide in June

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The weather in Tibet is warming up in June, which is the best season to visit, but the geographical location and weather of this place in Tibet are more special, so there are many places to pay attention to. If you are traveling to Tibet in June, here are some Tibet tour guides for June. We hope they will be helpful to you.


June to Tibet Travel Essential Items Documents

ID card, cash, bank card, border guard card. Clothing: long-sleeved, shirt, short-sleeved, sweater, sweater, punching bag, sweatpants, jeans, change of underwear, several pairs of cotton socks, a pair of sports shoes, a hat. Sun protection: sunscreen, water cream, face mask, sun umbrella, mask, sunglasses. Other: toiletries, thermal cups, towels, tissues, slippers.

June to Tibet Tourist Attractions Recommended Lhasa

Potala Palace, Da Zhao Temple, Namucuo, Sera Temple, Xiaochao Temple, Lop Noringa. Linzhi: Bassong wrong, the carding ditch, giant Berlin, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Lulang, this day the sacred mountain. Shigatse: Zashilunpo Monastery, Everest (Everest Base Camp), Jombo Monastery, Gyantse Zongsan Fortress. Shannan: yangzhuoyongzuo, Ramlacuo, Sangye Monastery, Yongbulakang.

Highlights of Tibet in June

1, Yidu Glacier

It is easiest to see the main peak of Yidu Glacier in June. The glacier is as clean as jade and the scenery is beautiful. At the lower end of the glacier is a mixed coniferous woodland with lush forests that are evergreen in all seasons.

Location: Yupu Township, Bomi County, Linzhi City


2、Ranwu Lake

In June, the glaciers of Ranwu Lake start to melt and the snow water is injected into the lake. The lake is surrounded by green meadows and lush green crops, while the hillsides around the lake are covered with mangled forests, and further up are colorful rhododendrons and bushy forest strips.

Location: Rangwu Town, Baju County, Changdu City


3、Sedjira Mountain

In June, it is one of the best seasons to visit Sedgera Mountain, which is most famous for the rhododendrons that fill the mountain. During the blooming period, the scenery is spectacular.

Location: Baji Town, Bayi District, Linzhi City.


Notes for Traveling to Tibet in June

1, the Tibetan plateau area, the sun shines on the body during the day is very strong, it is best to wear long sleeves or wear sunscreen clothing to avoid skin sunburn.

2, to visit the Potala Palace and temples, you must remember to wear pants, can not wear skirts, shorts, slippers, otherwise you can not go in.

3, to go to Tibet plateau reaction, you can take appropriate rhodiola before entering Tibet, take a good rest after entering Tibet, avoid strenuous exercise, drink more water, regular diet, etc., take some anti-hyperalgesia drugs, a few days after the body has adapted to such natural conditions, the high reflexes will disappear, so that there is no need to worry too much, keep a good mind is enough.

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