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How to Pay

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1. Methods of Payment

China Adventure provides 5 methods of payment:

Method of   Payment

Extra Bank  Charge & Tax on Clients

Pay by Wire Transfer

All the domestic and overseas bank charges

Pay by PayPal

4.5% surcharge

Pay by Wechat & Alipay

CNY only

Pay by Credit Card

CNY only

Pay by Cash in   Local

CNY and USD are   acceptable

2. Deposit

a. For normal tours, it is required to pay 20%-50% of the tour price as a deposit to confirm your reservation. To confirm reservation on a trip within 15 days before the tour begins, a full payment is required at the time of booking, and in this case the payment by wire transfer is not recommended.

b. For single booking like hotel, train/bus/air/cruise tickets, we will charge 100% of the fee to do reservation.

3. Local Payment

Final payment for all trips is due at 30 days prior to departure, unless it is clearly stated in the contract which the client is accepted to do the final payment on different date or upon arrival in the tour departure place. The local payment shall be made immediately upon your arrival. It can be paid directly to our local office in cash or by Paypal.

 4.  Bank Account and Payment Details

Important Notice: We don’t accept other payment options beyond these payments options below due to internet safety reasons. Please DO NOT transfer the payment to any other accounts which are new to you by email.


Option 1: Wire Transfer

If you are booking your tour 30 days before your departure date, you may choose to make the payment by wire transfer. If you make payment from outside of China, please choose our USD$ bank accounts, if you make payment from a bank within China mainland, please choose our RMB bank account. The extra bank surcharges are on clients.

USD Bank Account


Beneficiary Bank

Chengdu Hi-tech Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Beneficiary Bank Address

No. 9 Tianhua Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China



Beneficiary Name

Chengdu China Adventure Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd

Beneficiary Account Number


Beneficiary Address

F4 No. 337 Jinlv Second Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China


CNY Bank Account









Option 2: Paypal

Paypal account:

Notice: There is 4.5% surcharge on payer by Paypal.


Option 3: Wechat & Alipay

Wechat QR Code


Alipay QR Code



Option 4: Credit Card

Please kindly ask your trip advisor to issue you the payment link. There will be 4% surcharge.

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