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Tibet Travel Guide: Times, Cost, Tips, Permit, Advisory, Maps

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Tibet travel guide provides the latest Tibet travel information including Tibet attractions, hotels and restaurants, transportation, costs, weather, maps, shopping, nightlife, pictures, Tibet travel advice, and Tibet travel services including Tibet travel permits, private Tibet tours, Tibet group tours, Tibet trekking and biking, religious koalas, and more.


By following the t featured attractions of Tibet tours and convenient travel guides, tourists can easily navigate to their favorite spots. For clients with special requirements, our experienced travel consultants will work with you to customize your Tibet tour. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed free consultation.



The best time to go to Tibet

April to October is the best season in Tibet, which is warm and comfortable but not hot. However, this is also the peak season for Tibet tourism, and the consumption level is also rising. From November to April, it is colder, but it is better because the sunshine is good and the temperature will be suitable. There are very few tourists during this time, and what you see is also the authentic Tibetan style.

Preparation for summer trip to Tibet

The summer in Tibet is relatively refreshing, with a temperature difference of about 25°C during the day and 10°C at night. The UV rays in Tibet are many and strong, so you should pay attention to sun protection, in addition to wearing long clothes and long pants, bring a sun hat, wear sunglasses, and a mask or mask, but also apply sunscreen with a high sun protection index. The first time you go to Tibet, you must see the full strategy of Tibetan tourism. July and August is the rainy season in Tibet, remember to carry rain gear, just in case. The first thing that you need to do is to take your winter clothes with you to keep you warm.


Preparation for winter travel to Tibet

In winter, Tibet is about ten degrees below zero to ten degrees above zero, and it is very warm with plenty of sunshine during the day. In most areas of Tibet, clothes wearing as long as thick down jacket is enough. In addition to a small number of attractions will not be able to go because of the snow closed mountains and closed roads, most of the attractions can be visited.

Do Tibet Tours Need a Permit?

Although many people want to travel to Tibetl, but not all places can just go, some places need a border guard permit to go.

Enter the following areas that require a border pass: Rikaze region: Zhongba County, Saga County, Nyalam County, Tingri County, Kangma County, Yadong County, Gangba County, Dingjie County, Jilong County; Shannan region: Mouna County, Lhuntse County, Loza County, Langkazi County; Linzhi region: Milin County, Lang County, Tsumo County, Murdo County; Ali region: Pulan County, Zada County, Ritu County, Kargil County.

If you have a valid passport, but also for the exit of the visa, some places can be without a border guard card, show the passport can be. The way to apply for a border guard permit in Tibet: There are two places to apply for a border guard permit, one is at the Public Security Bureau where your account is located, and the other is at the Border Guard Headquarters in Tibet. The best is to find a local travel agency in Lhasa entrusted to handle, from four people to do, only need to provide the original ID card, valid for one month.


The best way to Tibet

There are mainly three ways to enter Tibet: car, train and airplane.

  1. Automobile consumes longer time and has higher consumption expenditure, but the body has a longer time to adapt to the plateau.

  2. Train into Tibet is shorter than car, and can be segmented into Tibet, consumption expenditure is the least, the body is also can slowly adapt to the altitude of the height, reduce the probability of high reflex.

  3. Airplane into Tibet only takes a few hours, but the change of altitude is more drastic, and the probability of high altitude reactions is also the highest, and the cost required is also quite a lot.

Tibet Travel and Accommodation

Accommodation in Lhasa 

Lhasa city youth hostel and a variety of hotels and guesthouses are available. Prices fluctuate up and down according to the low and high seasons. Youth hostel single room price single room in the range of 80-150 yuan, the peak season single room in the range of 150-350 yuan. It is recommended not to live too remote. Three-star hotels are about 200-500 yuan, four-star in 600-1400 yuan, five-star hotel hotels 2500-3500 yuan. Hotel guesthouse booking, off-season housing is not tense, so come to all have rooms to live; peak season, accommodation is very tight, it is best to book ten days in advance, so as not to delay their travel itinerary.

The accommodation along the Sichuan-Tibet route

Along the Sichuan-Tibet route, we pass through small counties, towns and villages, so the basic accommodation can be satisfied. There are star-rated hotels in good condition, and the general ones are guest houses, hotels and family inns, and if you are lucky, you can stay in Tibetan homes.

The new Tibetan line along the accommodation situation

The new Tibetan line through the Ali region, most of them belong to no man's land, accommodation and eating environment is poor. If you are driving, you can quickly reach the county, solve the problem of food and accommodation; if you are riding, then you should prepare enough food and tent sleeping bag, all the way may have to solve their own food and accommodation problems.

What are the famous attractions in Tibet?

1、Winter (off-season) tour attractions in TibetWhen you travel to Tibet in winter, although it is cold, there are less tour people. In addition to touring in Potala Palace Square and Da Zhao Temple, you can also go to Namtso without mountain closure. If you encounter closed mountains and closed roads, you can consider going to warmer scenic spots such as Linzhi, Shannan and Shigatse.

There are many hot springs in Tibet, but the more famous ones are Yangbajing Hot Spring, Riduo Hot Spring and Dezhong Hot Spring. The sheep eight well is more than ninety kilometers from Lhasa, three or four hours drive to; Riduo hot spring and Dezhong hot spring are in Mozhugongka County, convenient transportation. The hot springs here are civilianized and the charges are cheap.

2, Sacred mountains and sacred lakes in Tibetan areas there are four sacred mountains, respectively, Meili Snow Mountain, Gang Rinpoche, Animaqing and Ga Duo Jowo. There are three major sacred lakes, respectively: the wrong side of the horse, Namtso and the wrong side of the yangzhuoyong.

3, Linzhi tour strategy Linzhi area can be called the small south of Tibet. The main attractions are Batson's fault, the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, the Millennium Fortress of Xuba and the ancient city of Taizhao, etc. You can also see the sacred mountain Namgyabawa Peak, the Mito Glacier.

4, Ali tour strategy ali area is vast, there are sacred mountains and sacred lake gangyinboqi mabongyong wrong, ghost lake la ang wrong, ban Gong wrong, namunani peak, is the Tibetan compatriots pilgrimage to turn mountains to turn the lake place.

5, Namcha Barwa peak Namcha Barwa peak by the national geographic magazine as "China's top ten most beautiful snow mountain" the first. Namcha Barwa Peak is surrounded by clouds all year round, and it is said that people who can see its true face are very lucky. The probability of seeing Namcha Barwa Peak is much higher in spring and autumn, so this is the best time to watch. The viewing locations can be at the Sedgala Pass, the village of Naibai and the village of Sosong.

Ticketing matters of Potala Palace

Every year from the beginning of May to the end of October, the entrance fee to the Potala Palace is increased from 100 RMB to 200 RMB (high season) and the availability of tickets is tight. from the beginning of November to the end of April of the following year, it is decreased to 100 RMB (low season).

In the low season, you can buy directly from the ticket office and visit on the same day.

In the high season, it is recommended that you get a reservation ticket one day in advance with your ID card, and then purchase the ticket on the next day.

The discount of student ID card in Tibetan attractions

In some attractions in Tibet, student ID cards can enjoy half-price discounts, such as the Potala Palace in Lhasa, although the discount measures are dynamic and subject to the actual situation at the ticket window of the attraction.

Grand Festivals in Tibet

The major festivals in Tibet are Tibetan New Year, Snowdon Festival and Saga Dawa Festival, among which Snowdon Festival is the most lively and ornamental.

(Festival time) Tibetan New Year is the Tibetan people's own New Year; Tibetan New Year starts on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar every year, ranging from three to five days.

Snowdon Festival also has other names: Tibetan opera festival, yogurt festival, the main activities of this festival is to watch Tibetan opera, drinking yogurt, sunbathing Buddha, over the Lin Ka (Lin Ka means park); time for the annual Tibetan calendar held on the first day of the seventh month, a period of four or five days.

Saga Dawa Festival is also called the Buddha's Birthday Festival, is the Buddha Sakyamuni birth, death, nirvana day, time for the lunar calendar April 13 to April 15. On this day, the pilgrimage to the Dazhao Monastery to turn the scriptures are very many people.

What are the best food and snacks in Tibet?

Tibetan meals and snacks Tibetan meals are commonly these: turnip stewed yak meat, sheep blood enema, lamb chops, cold Tibetan pig skin, ginseng fruit rice, tsampa, wormwood matsutake chicken, ghee fried barley, yogurt mixed rice, blanch enema, air-dried beef.

Tibetan snacks are also very special. There are Tibetan noodles, Tibetan dumplings, Tibetan buns, sweet tea, shortening tea, french fries, yak yogurt, beef cake, milk dregs, yogurt ice cream.

The oil tea and sweet tea are local daily drinks, and drinking oil tea can relieve plateau reaction to a certain extent.

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