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16 Days Xinjiang Panoramic View Tour

Price from USD 2600 p/p

May to October Best Time
4 ~ 12 Group Size
0 Max Altitude
Kashgar, Taxkorgan,heavenly lake, Urumqi, Kanas lake, Hemu villageKarajun Prairie,Naraty,Kazanqi Folk Village,Yining

If you have enough time, this 16 Days Xinjiang Panoramic View Tour are 100% your priority for traveling in Xinjiang. Apart from normal Kashgar, Turpan and Urumuqi, you will also visit the fairyland in North Xinjiang: the fabulous Kanas Lake, picturesque Hemu Village, crystal clear Sayram Lake and boundless Naraty Grassland. Be prepared to be stunned by the mysterious and fantastic landscape and get ready to be attracted by the unique culture and colourful customs of Xinjiang! Cannot wait to enj

Day 1 Kashgar Arrival
Day 2 Kashgar- Taxkorgan
Day 3 Taxkorgan-Kashgar
Day4 Kashgar-Urumqi
Day 5 Urumqi-Turpan
Day 6 Turpan- heavenly lake
Day 7 Heavenly lake- Beitun
Day 8 Beitun-Hemu village
Day 9 Hemu village- Jiadeyu
Day 10 Jiadeyu-Burqin
Day 11 Burqin-Kuitun
Day 12 Kuitun- Yining
Day 13 Yining-Tekes(
Day 14 Tekes-Naraty
Day 15 Naraty- Yining
Day 16 Yining Departure
Itinerary Details

Day 1 Kashgar arrival

Upon arrival, we will pick you up and transfer to hotel, rest time is for you to explore on your own.

Day 2 Kashgar- Taxkorgan

In the morning, after the breakfast, our guide will meet you and let's start today's journey! We will drive on the Sino-Pakistan Highway where you can appreciate the beautiful scenaries for Pamirs Plateau - snow mountain, lake. Experience beautiful Karakul Lake. The lake lies about 200 kilometers from Kashgar City, at the foot of Mt. Muztagata. At an altitude of 3,600 meters, it is the highest lake on the Pamir Plateau. The lake is 30 meters deep and covers an area of 10 square kilometers. "Karakul" means "black sea" in the local language as the lake looks dark when the clouds block the sun. Later we will drive to Taxkrogan County.      *Meal: B *Distance: 320kms/6hrs 

karakul lake.webpkarakul lake1.webp

Day 3 Kashgar – Taxkorgan(B)

In the morning after check-out, we will visit the Stone Fortress. Located on north side of Taxkorghan Tajik Autonomous County, Stone Fortress is a famous ancient city ruins on the ancient road in Xinjiang. The fortress is built on a high mount with very precipitous topography. Outside the city are multilevel or scattered walls, between which overlapping stone mounts form a unique stone city landscape. Later we will drop by the Golden Grassland. where you can have a better view of the Stone Fortress. There are yurts and frame houses of Tajik ethnic group providing rooms and board for visitors. Time permitting, you can check the  reception center which facilitates rentals, yachts, camels, horses etc. and maybe choose some optional programs if you are interested. Today we will drive back to Kashgar and stay the night.    *Meal: B *Distance: 320kms/6hrs 

Stone fotress-xinjiang panoramic viewGolden grassland-Xinjiang Panoramic view

Day 4 Kashgar- Urumqi (B)

Today we will have a full day in Kashgar city. Let's explore this ancient city together! In the morning we will visit the Id Kah Mosque, the largest Mosque in China, and the most sacred mosque for the locals to practice their Islamic activities. Every day, 2-3 thousand of worshippers come here to pray, and 6-7 thousands on Friday afternoons. On festivals the numbers can surge to 20-30 thousand. On the Corban at prayer time, the mosque, the square, the streets, and the roads all around are full of piously kneeling Muslims. Around 10:30 we will go to visit the Old Town when the open ceremony ready to greeting all the tourists with the culture show. Then we will visit the famous Kashgar Sunday Bazaar. Find a late mooring to walk into the incredible Kashgar Sunday Bazaar that used to be a great place to meet locals, merchants and travelers along the Silk Road. Nowdays, still many local will shif the sheeps and cow to exchange in the local market. They will talk and bargin with hand language cover by sleeves that outsider cannot understand at all. Afterwards we will go to the bustling Handicraft Street. You will see various shops selling different kinds of jewelry, pottery, local musical instrument, daily necessities, traditional clothes, etc. If you want to, we can also take some relax time at the local teahouse and feel the authentic life here. Later we will proceed to the airport and fly to Urumuqi (air ticket included). After landing, our guide in Urumqi will pick you up and transfer to the hotel for rest. *Meal: B *Distance: about 2 hrs by flight 

Kashgar Sundday BazzarKashgar old city

Day 5 Urumqi- Turpan(B)

Today we will drive to Turpan. The highlight of today would be the oldest Uighur village Tuyoq Village. It is an ancient oasis-village in the Taklamakan, 70 km east of Turpan in Shanshan County in a lush valley cutting into the Flaming Mountains, with a well preserved Uighur orientation, and few tourists. It is famous for its seedless grapes. Afterwards let's pay a visit to the Jiaohe Ruins, According to the legend of the West Area of the Book of Han, the Near Cheshi Country ruled Jiaohe. The river water was distributed in different directions surrounding the city and therefore named Jiaohe, meaning ‘confluence of rivers. The Jiaohe Ruins is the capital of Near Cheshi Country, one of the 36 countries in the west region in ancient times. The existing site belongs to an architectural cluster from the Tang Dynasty and is the earth construction site with the largest existing area and best-preserved state in the country. Today stay the night at Turpan. *Meal: B *Distance: 200kms/3hrs 

Jiaohe ruins-xinjiang travelTuyoq village- Xinjiang Travel

Day 6 Turpan- heavenly lake(B)

After checking out, we will drive to the Karez Well, which is an important ancient irrigation system that is still used in Turpan. Karez is the Uyghur word for 'well', from the Persian for 'channel'. The tunnel system provides water for local people to drink as well as to water their crops. Locals dug wells and tunnels to transfer water from mountains miles away from their farmland. Later let's continue to explore the Sugong Minaret. Sugong Minaret is not only known for this legendary figure, but also for its unique architecture. Featuring a strong Islamic architectural style, it is made up totally of bricks with a height of 44 m. The diameter of its base reaches 10 m and the whole tower takes the shape of a cone with a wide base and a narrow top.  Later we will pass by Urumuqi and visit the Grand Bazzar, the largest bazaar in Urumqi. There are over 3,000 booths in Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar for selling garments, musical instruments, potteries, jewellery, nuts, fruits, and carpets. Other than shopping, you may attend the banquet and performance theatre, taste snacks at the food square, join the excitement at Merry Square, and get a bird's eye view of the whole bazaar from the No. 1 Sightseeing Tower. Then we will proceed to hotel near Heavenly Lake and take good rest. *Meal: B *Distance: 270kms/3-4hrs

Karez Well-xinjiang travelSugong Minaret-xinjiang travel

Day 7 Heavenly lake- Beitun ((B)

Highlight for taday: heavenly lake,  situates 2000m up in the Tianshan mountain range and surrounded by ranges of snow mountains, blooming wildflowers, evergreen pine trees. You shall expect a  40-minute scenic shuttle bus ride that twists though the dramatic mountains. Then you can either walk to the lakeside in 10mins or take the electronic cart. 3 ways to explore this scenic point: One: by boating cruise to have the incredible view of Tianshan Mountain. Two : Trekking along the lake in the fresh air. Three: you can explore further to the Maya Mountain by the cable car to enjoy the magnificent view of the Mountains. After the visit, we will drive to Beitun for overnight stay, we have best hotel in Beitun for you have a good rest.  

the heavenly lake -xinjiang travelthe heavenly lake -xinjiang travel

Day 8 Beitun- Hemu(270km ,5hrs driving) (B)

After a nice breakfast, we will drive to Hemu to visit reputed and beautiful Hemu Tuwa village, which would be the favorite place for photographers. You can totally understand what a tranquil life is here. It present itself with different in 4 seasons.

On the way to Hemu villageHemu village.webp

Day 9 Hemu – Jiadeyu (70km, 2hrs driving) (B)

Today, we will drive along the mountain road to Kanas Nature Reserve, China's only European-like ecological site that has been awarded the title of the "Pure Land of the World" due to its unspoiled natural scenery. En-route, visit Kanas Lake. Upon arrival change the shuttle bus to the inside of the Reserve to enjoy the beautiful scenery, head to the Fish Pavilion, enjoy a view of Kanas. 

Kanas lake- Xinjiang travelkanas.webp

Day 10 Kanas-Burqin (180km, 4hrs driving(B)

Early in the morning, if you can get up, the cloud sea at Kana area is a very fantastic view. then after breakfast, we will head to Burqin, enjoy the scenery of Five-colored Beach, walk into the colorful Beach, you will feel as if in a dream world. The unique lava landscape consisted of purplish red, vandyke red, yellow and light green mudstone, sandstone and gravel. this is the most beautiful colorful Beach, masterpiece of nature, and miracle of Burqin.

Morning fog view of KanasFive-colored beach

Day 11 Burqin- Kuitun (460km, 5-6hrs driving) B

Today we will drive to Kuitun and visit the Urho Ghost City. The Ghost City is a typical of yadan landforms that are made by wind and water erosion. One hundred and twenty million years ago, there was a freshwater lake and the area was inhabited by dinosaurs. Fossils of Kelmayisaurus, Urho stegosaurus and Jungar pterosaur have been found. On two occasions, earth movements caused the lake to rise and the water disappeared. The lake became a place of sandstone and shale, and then was uplifted quickly to form the gobi platform. This was eroded by wind and water over a long period of time, becomes a valley in which the rocks eroded irregularly to form features like castles, warships, pavilions, people, animals and a mushroom. When the wind blows, there can be strange sound, like the growl of ghost, giving rise to the name ‘Ghost City’. *Meal: B 

Urho Ghost City-Xinjiang travelUrho Ghost City-Xinjiang travel

D ay 12 Kuitun- Yining ( 460km, 6hrs driving)(B)

Today's highlight would be the Sayram Lake. It is in the Bortala Prefecture near the Tianshan Mountains. In Kazakh, "sayram" means "blessing". Sayram Lake has gained the reputation of "the pearl embedded in the Tianshan Mountains" since it's the only lake located in the Tianshan Mountains and looks like a pearl from the distance and been dubbed as "the last teardrop of the Atlantic Ocean" for it's the farthest place that the warm and humid air current of the Atlantic Ocean reaches. For centuries, people are captivated by the fascinating scenery of and legends behind the lake. Later we will continue to drive via Guozigou Bridge. Located in China’s largest and most northwesterly province of Xinjiang, the 4-lane structure consists of two extremely tall H-frame ladder towers 215.5 meters / 707 feet and 209.5 meters 687 feet. The crossing is the largest structure on the remote G30 Lianhuo Expressway connecting Lianyungang and Horgos near Sayram Lake. *Meal: B 

Sayram Lake-xinjiang travelSayram Lake-xinjiang travel

Day 13 Yining- Tekes(130km, 2-3hrs driving)(B)

After breakfast, we will depart to Tekes and visit the Karajun Prairie, a typical highland prairie. When in spring, all kinds of flowers bloom, making the prairie a colorful grassland. You can also see goats or cows leisurely grazing on the grassland. Totally a wonderland!  *Meal: B 

Karajun Prairie-xinjiang travelKarajun Prairie-xinjiang travel

Day 14 Tekes-Naraty (270km, 3-4hrs driving)(B)

After breakfast, we will check out and drive from Tekes to Naraty, where we will visit the most beautiful grassland-Naraty Grassland. Naraty Grassland, also called “The Sky Grassland,” is located in the east of Naraty Town. It is 1 of the world‘s sub-alpine meadow plant areas and well-known for its beautiful mountainous scenery and unique local culture. The boundless grassland looks like a green carpet. *Meal: B 

Naraty Grassland-xinjiang travelNaraty Grassland-xinjiang travel

Day 15 Naraty- Yining (270km, 3hrs driving)(B)

Today we will drive back to Yining and visit the Kazanqi Folk Village. Historically, the area was the production and sales center for folk handicrafts in Ili, featuring traditional craftsmanship, skilled artisans and the succession of folk customs from generation to generation. As most locals made their living by making and selling woks, they later named the place Kazanqi. The Kazanqi Folk Tourism District is known as a "folk building museum," as many types of buildings are found there, including European-style buildings, buildings with both Chinese and western elements, and distinctive century-old residential buildings. In the afternoon we will also visit an interesting Accordion Museum. According to reports, the museum has a collection of more than 800 accordions from more than 20 countries.   *Meal: B 

xinjing panoramic view tripXinjiang Folk village

Day 16 Yining departure (B)

After a nice breakfast and some good rest time. It is time to say farewell at the airport or train station. We are looking forward to our next adventure with you.

Price Guide

Service inclusions

 - Private transportation with A/C,  

- English Speaking guide,  

- All the entrance fee as per itinerary,  

- 4 or 5 star hotel with breakfast (double occupancy ),  

- 2 bottles/person,  

- Goverment tax,- Insurance 

Service Exclusions 

tips the guide and driver 

lunches and dinners 

your own expenses 

Your flight ticket to Kashgar and from  Yining

Value Added

1. 7*24 English Professional Customer service Support! Whenever you are in need, our customer service will be available to help you. 

China Adventure customer service teamChina Adventure customer service team

2. Easy booking and Flexible cancellation!  Unlike most travel agency, we do provide free cancellation policies to travelers with good reason such as disease, covid, family emergency etc.

3.  Safety guarantee journey and well-euipped logistic support team

For mountain hike trip , we provide

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China AdventureProfessional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China Adventure

4. We took to you less-tourists visited off the beaten path only to let you know real China 

China Adventure offers off the beaten travel onlyChina Adventure offers off the beaten travel only

5. Special gifts , free holidya dinner and souvenirs for holidays from China Adventure Team

Hongbao for spring festival trip with China AdventureSpring festival dinner for Spring fesetival trip with China Adventure

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