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Top Tibet Hiking Tours

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There are three main routes in top tibet hiking tours, which are Gang Rinpoche, Everest Eastern slope trek and Kula Gangri trek. These three routes are different in difficulty, so today I will give you a simple comparison.

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First from the simplest Kula Gangri trek, this line is very suitable for newcomers, rather than called hiking, rather than adding a light word better, the line from Lhasa, is expected to be a total of 6 days, no camping, back to the hotel every day, hiking kilometers in 12 km, and can return at any time, absolutely suitable for most people.

Although simple, but the scenery is definitely the first-class line in the Shannan region, Pumo Yong wrong, white horse forest wrong, Kula Gangri, Kaju Temple and so on the most mysterious and classic places in Shannan can be viewed, the scenery of this line is often said by donkeys comparable to the Nepal EBC. here we recommend that we go to April-June, September-December is more appropriate, the weather is stable, less rainfall, you can see the most beautiful sacred mountains and lakes, 1-3 Although you can't see the lake in January-March, it is the best time to see the snow-capped mountains.

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Then is the Gang Rinpoche transhumance, Gang Rinpoche is located in ali area, general tourists will choose to take ali south line or ali big north line on foot tour, hiking transhumance need 2 days, kow long head need 15-20 days, this line is more to the mind wash, religious atmosphere more, natural scenery less, Gang Rinpoche in hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, benzene religion identified as the world's center, the mountain peak resembles Pyramids, full of various legends, turning the mountain is a common method of pilgrims, in the year of the horse turn a circle is equal to 13 circles of other years, more spiritual and more merit. Look at the mani piles and scripture streamers, and kowtowing to the long head of the Tibetan people, more let you feel the life. Gang Rinpoche is recommended to go every year from May to October, June to September is the best time, the weather is not too cold, is the best time to turn mountains.

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The last one is the most difficult but excellent view of the Gama ditch trekking, there is a good saying, infinite scenery in the dangerous peak. This route is known as one of the top ten classic trekking routes in the world and one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It takes 10-15 days to complete the entire Gama Gorge, which is at high altitude, climate changeable and sparsely populated, so only first-class outdoor players and photography enthusiasts will consider it. Compared to the recent walk along the road to Everest Base Camp, this route is more recognized by outdoor people. Of course the whole route you can enjoy all kinds of brilliant rhododendron, huge forests, dense buckthorn trees, as well as sometimes hidden birds and small animals, as well as waterfalls and lakes, completely a wonderful and bizarre natural picture. The biggest lure, of course, is the close contact with Everest and the world's fourth highest peak, Lhotse, the fifth highest peak, Makalu, and many other peaks over 7,000 meters above sea level. Gama Gorge is only open from May to November, the rest of the time the snow closed mountains, and the best season is September-October, is also the time for groups of photography enthusiasts to go, when there are the most beautiful snow-capped mountains.

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Ease of difficulty: Gang Rinpoche <Kulagangri <Gamagou

Degree of beauty: Gang Rinpoche <Kulagangri <Gamagou

Trekking time: Gang Rinpoche 2 days (the whole of the southern route 10 days, the whole of the Great Northern Route 16 days) <Kulagangri 3 days (the whole of 7 days) <Gamagou 8 days (the whole of 13 days) I do not know which one you fit it? At present, the epidemic has basically ended, three lines are being sent in the normal tour, welcome to contact us: tibet tours, get more information about the line, take you to really play Tibet with the way of trekking.

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