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Zhangjiajie 5 days tour

Price from USD 650 p/p

Whole Year Best Time
12 Group Size
1000 Max Altitude
Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie, Grand canyon, golden whip stream, Tianmen mountain, Fenghuang town

Covering a total area of 369 square km, the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, composed of the First National Forest Park--Zhangjiajie and two natural reserves--Suoxi Gully and Emperor Mountain, is renowned for its unique tourist attractions. Internationally known as an “enlarged potted landscape” and “miniature fairyland,” the landscape boosts pavilions, bridges, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. The scenic area also has one of the rarest quartzs sandstones in the world. The majestic mountain peaks, pristine

Day 1 Arrive Zhangjiajie
Day 2 Tianzi Mountain and Yuanjiajie visit
Day 3 Zhangjiajie grand canyon and Golden whip stream visit
Day 4 Tianmen Mountain National Park and transfer to Fenghuang
Day 5 Fenghuang-Zhangjiajie and departure
Itinerary Details

Day 1 Arrive Zhangjiajie

On arrival, be welcomed by your driver for one hour transfer to hotel.  

Overnight: Zhangjiajie 

Meals: NIL

zhangjiajie national park  

Day 2 Tianzi Mountain and Yuanjiajie visit 

Breakfast in the hotel,transfer to the park entrance, ascend magnificent Tianzi mountains by its cable car, marvel at spectacular wall-like mountain peaks to the likeness of China ancient skyline. Transfer by park bus to virginal Tianzi mount, Tianzi means “son of heaven” and was named for a local farmer who led a successful farmer’s revolt. The area is known as the “Monarch of the Peak Forest” for its elevated position and stunning views  

Transfer to Yuanjiajie by internal park bus for the most iconic Hallelujah Mountains in the famous movie, Avatar, the famous spots are the first bridge in the world, lost-soul platform, and Hallelujah mountain pillar providing panoramic vistas of the stunning Zhangjiajie National Park.  Descend from the super Bailong Elevator, the world’s highest and fastest elevator. Transfer back to your hotel.

tianzi mountain yuanjia jie

Day 3 Zhangjiajie grand canyon and Golden whip stream visit

Breakfast in the hotel ,transfer to Zhangjiajie grand canyon, a new scenic magic discovery in Zhangjiajie, become famous for its verdant mount, jaw-dropping skyline of the gorge, pristine water of the stream, become even more famous worldwide for glass bottom bridge spanning over the grand canyon. We have chance to visit glass bottom bridge spanning 430 meters long across 300 meter high breathtaking canyon.   

Golden whip stream: The Golden Whip Stream is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, it is about 7.5 kilometers. Golden Whip Stream is like a blue ribbon around the matchless beauty-Zhangjiajie. It displays the beauty of "300 strange peaks and 800 fine waters to the utmost". Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, verdant mountains, steep cliffs and serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals. Such comparable scenic poetry is only to be found in fairy tales. Mr Shen Congwen, a famous Chinese writer, praised it to be the "Maid of Zhangjiajie". And Wu Guanzhong-the image promoter of Zhangjiajie and a famous Chinese painter, praised it as "a world in fairy stories".

Meals: Breakfast

 zhangjiajie grand canyon golden whip stream

Day 4 Tianmen Mountain National Park and transfer to Fenghuang

drive to Tianmen Mountain National Park (also known as Heaven Gate Mountain) by the longest cable car in the world (7455 meters) and marvel at the stunning 99 hairpin road against the high cliffs. You'll reach the base platform and a long flight of stairs leading up towards the Tianmen Cave – a natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world! This is known as the 'Heaven Reaching Ladder'. At the western side of the summit, there you can find the newly built Tianmen Temple. Sightseeing for 4 -5hours. In the afternoon drive 4 hours to Fenghuang,

Transfer to Zhangjiajie airport

tianmen mountain tianmen mountain

Day 5 Fenghuang-Zhangjiajie and departure 

 After breakfast, explore Fenghuang ancient town 

With over 300 years of history, Fenghuang (or Phoenix) Ancient Town, is one of the best-preserved historical villages in China and listed as a World Heritage Site in 2008.

you will visit the Former Residence of Seng Congwen, a typical ancient Southern courtyard house. Visit the ancestral hall of the Yang family. 

Enjoy a rowing boat trip to see the Diaojiao Lou (traditional Chinese gabled wooden houses built on stilts) on both sides of the river and Hongqiao up close, see Hongqiao (Rainbow Bridge), built in the Ming Dynasty over 600 years ago, is the ancient town's most well-known tourist spot.

Stroll along the riverside and the narrow streets paved by flagstones, cross the river through the stepping stones, Tiaoyan (Leaping Stones), and the narrow primitive bridge near the Beimen Matou (North Gate Pier). You will also see the Gucheng Qiangcheng (the Ancient Town Wall), is located south of the river, between the North and East Gate. Sightseeing half day.

In the afternoon drive 4 hours back to Zhangjiajie, see off in the airport.

Meals: Breakfast 

feng huang water town feng huang town

Price Guide

Price inclusions

1. All entrance tickets fee as listed in the itinerary

2. Professional English speaking local tour guide

3. All car transfer: comfortable tourist vehicle

4. Comfortable hotel with breakfasts included

5. airport picking up and dropping off

6 service fee of operating and handling

Price exclusions

1. Tips to the guide and driver

2. Lunches and dinners

3. Any flight tickets

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