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Tibet Travel Guide and Preparation in July

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Summer is the prime season for Tibetan tourism, especially July. During this time, the weather in Tibet is sunny and warm, and the natural scenery and human landscapes are at their most beautiful. This article will provide you with travel tips to Tibet in July and take you through the beautiful plateau summer!


Climate Characteristics of Tibet in July

July is the early summer season in Tibet, the climate is warm and humid, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The daytime temperature is between 15°C-25°C, and the nighttime temperature is between 5°C-10°C. In addition, July is also the rainy season in Tibet, with more rain and relatively high air humidity.


July Tibet Tourist Attractions Recommended

Lhasa: Potala Palace, Da Zhao Temple, Barkhor Street and other humanistic landscapes, where one can experience the religious culture of Tibetan characteristics;

Namucuo Lake: the beauty of the lake and mountains under the blue sky and white clouds;

Mt. Everest Base Camp: enjoy the magnificent view from the top of the world at close range;

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon: the world's deepest canyon with infinite scenery.

July Tibet Travel Precautions


Sun protection: the highland area has strong ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to take good sun protection measures, such as applying sunscreen and wearing a sun hat;

Warmth: the temperature is low at night, so bring enough warm clothes;

Rain protection: July is the rainy season, so bring rain gear, such as raincoat, umbrella, etc;

Highland reaction: to cope with the highland reaction, carry some anti-anti-reflex drugs, such as rhodiola, plateau nin, etc;

Traffic safety: the roads are slippery during the rainy season, please pay attention to traffic safety;

Respect local customs and traditions: observe the regulations of scenic spots and respect local folk customs.

July Tibet Travel Itinerary Suggestions

The itinerary should be moderate, not too stressful, leaving enough rest time for the body;

Adapt to the plateau environment in the first period and avoid visiting sites with high altitude immediately;

adjusting the itinerary according to the weather conditions, such as when encountering bad weather such as heavy rain, adjusting the itinerary arrangement appropriately;

try to choose an early departure and late return itinerary to avoid the peak rainfall period from noon to afternoon during the rainy season;

You can consider participating in some local festivals in July, such as Shambhala Festival, to experience the folk customs of Tibetan region.



When you travel to Tibet in July, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of the plateau summer. During this period, you should pay attention to sun protection, warmth and rain protection measures, and respect local customs and traditions. Make reasonable arrangements for your trip, adjust your itinerary to adapt to weather changes and participate in local folk activities to make your trip to Tibet more exciting. I hope this article can provide you with some reference and help for your July trip to Tibet, and China Adventure wishes you a happy trip!

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