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Tibet Permit

Military Permit for Mt. Kailash Tour

According to the government policy for traveling in Tibet, visiting some remote areas or sensitive border areas only with the TTB permit is not enough.

Last Update:March 11,2023
Permit to Visit Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain whose peak is 8848 meters above sea level

Last Update:March 10,2023
Important issues about Tibet permit

Are there any restrictions on foreign tourists to visit Tibet? What about overseas Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Macao residents?Foreign tourists must be organized to travel to Tibet. They must be...

Last Update:March 10,2023
How to apply for Tibet Entry Permit?

Why do we need Tibet Permit to visit Tibet?According to Chinese law, and to protect the centuries-old cultural relics, the fragile environment and respect the tradition of Tibetan people and consideri...

Last Update:March 09,2023
What's required for Tibet Permit?

What’s required for Tibet permit if you are visiting Tibet from China Mainland:Please note that there are two documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel in Tibet. One is the Chinese V...

Last Update:March 09,2023
What is Tibet Permit?

Visiting Tibet is not easy for a lot of Non-Chinese passport holders.Tibet Travel Permit, orTibet Entry Permit, is foremost and compulsory for foreign passport holders to enter Tibet. When the idea of...

Last Update:March 07,2023
What is Alien's Travel Permit?

Aliens' Travel Permit, compared with Tibet Entry Permit, is not the must to enter Tibet. However it’s indeed a must for foreigners to visit the areas outside Lhasa,

Last Update:March 07,2023

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