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Trekking Guildelines for Sichuan

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Trekking is one of the most interesting activities for travelers in Sichuan. Whether it's experience trekking around Chengdu City or some serious trekking in western Sichuan area, we need to be aware of the following trekking tips.

Trekking in Sichuan

Notice for Trekkers

1.Travelers should have strong will and average body condition. If you have heart diseases, high blood pressure, get a cold/diarrhea or if you are not in suitable condition to go to high plateau, then you are not suggested to do this tour.

2.Outdoor activities have risks. Travelers should have teamwork spirit. Our local trekker leader and group leader’s suggestion is quite important. Please kindly listen to our staff and follow their words to keep safe. If you leave the group halfway without permission, you will be responsible for yourselves.

3.If you have not been to places above 3000m, it’s suggested to take some high-altitude medicine about 2 weeks in advance.

4.Please bring your own trekking gears for the trip. If you don’t have necessary equipment, please feel free to contact us and we can provide rental service for you.

5.No drinking during the trekking trip to keep safe.

6.No littering around. Please prepare a plastic bag for the garbage.

7.Respect local customs and traditions.

8.Some trekking areas have no signals. If your friend/family cannot reach you, please feel free to leave our company’s contact and we will help accordingly.


Useful Trekking Gears

1.Backpack: Male (60L at least). Female (50L at least). A small bag for summitting is also necessary.

2.Clothes: outdoor clothes, down jacket, raincoat (must-have), water-proof trekking shoes, gloves, gaiters.

3.Moisture-proof pad

4.Sleeping bag: Down-filled sleeping bag is most recommended (-10℃~-25℃)

5.Tent: Double-layered tent is suggested.

6.Shoes/socks: Ankle trekking shoes is recommended and we should prepare at least 3 pairs of trekking socks.

7.Walking stick



10.Sun proof: sunglass, sun cream, lip gloss



13.Snacks: chocolate, beef, chewing gum, fruit, convenient food

14.Electronic gears: phone, camera, battery, memory card

15.ID: passport, identification card, student card

16.Others: plastic bad, napkin, bandage


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