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Dagu Glacier 2 Days Trip

Price from USD 450 p/p

Whole year Best Time
2 ~ 12 Group Size
3800 Max Altitude
Heishui town, Dagu Glacier

During the 2 short days, we will experience the local Tibetan customs, the largest, youngest and lowest glacier, highest cafe and cable car... It's going to be your perfect gateway for weekend if you want to escape the busy city for a while. Lying in the snow, hiking in the mountain and sitting at the cafe, wouldn't it be amazing?

Day 1: Chengdu-Heishui Town (280km)
Day 2: Dagu Glacier-Chengdu
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Chengdu-Heishui Town (280km)

In the morning we will drive from Chengdu to Heishui Town, which takes about 5 hours depending on the road condition). After we arrive, you will find unique folk customs here. In the Tibetan villages surrounded by snow peaks, verdant mountains, and green waters, you will have a close taste of the villagers' drinking culture, polyphonic folk songs, profound religious belief, and dizzying native costumes. 

Tibetan Villagers at Heishui Dagu Glacier

Tibetan Villagers at Heishui Dagu Glacier

Day 2: Dagu Glacier-Chengdu

In the morning, we will enter Dagu Glacier Scenic spot, which is known as the lowest, largest and youngest glacier in the world. Located at Heishui County, Sichuan, it is one of the rarely seen mountain glaciers. The top of Dagu Mountain is covered by snow all year round, presenting a gorgeous view under the golden sunlight. Standing at the top of the glacier, you can see the most stunning view of the rolling snow-capped mountains. The colorful prayer flags — which are a unique and often-seen sight in Tibetan region — add a sacred touch to the astonishing view. 

Dagu Glacier Sunrise at Dagu Glacier

Dagu Glacier Sunrise at Dagu Glacier

The scenic area is featured with high biological diversity and clear vertical distribution of plants. There are more than 1000 varieties of wild plants and more than 150 wild animals, including a dozen of rare animals such as rhinopithecus, roxellana, golden takin, argali, and flying squirrel, all of which can be encountered in the wild. 

Dagu Glacier in Autumn Dagu Glacier in Winter

Dagu Glacier in Autumn Dagu Glacier in Winter

There is a cafe located at an altitude of 4,860 meters on Mount Dagu in Sichuan province. The cafe has a stunning view of Dagu Glacier National Park located, and it also boasts the title of "highest cafe in the world". Dagu Glacier has two highest titles: the highest cafe and the highest cable car. Taking the cable car, you can appreciate the beautiful snow mountain through the window.

Highest Cafe in Dagu Glacier Highest Cable Car in Dagu Glacier

Dagu Glacier in Autumn Dagu Glacier in Winter

Price Guide

Price Inclusions

1. Local transfer

2. Local guide

3. Accommodation

4. Entrance tickets

5. Service fee

6. Government tax

7. Insurance

Price Exclusions

1. Cable car fee in Dagu Glacier

2. Tips

3. Meals

4. Your own expenses

Value Added

1. 7*24 English Professional Customer service Support! Whenever you are in need, our customer service will be available to help you. 

China Adventure customer service teamChina Adventure customer service team

2. Easy booking and Flexible cancellation!  Unlike most travel agency, we do provide free cancellation policies to travelers with good reason such as disease, covid, family emergency etc.

3.  Safety guarantee journey and well-euipped logistic support team

For mountain hike trip , we provide

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China AdventureProfessional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China Adventure

4. We took to you less-tourists visited off the beaten path only to let you know real China 

China Adventure offers off the beaten travel onlyChina Adventure offers off the beaten travel only

5. Special gifts , free holidya dinner and souvenirs for holidays from China Adventure Team

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