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15 Days Xinjiang New Orient Express Train in August

Price from USD 4700 p/p

September Best Time
8~ 18 Group Size
3200 Max Altitude
the heavenly lake, Kashgar, Taxkorgan, Tianshan Grand Canyon, Luoburen village, Syram lake, Korla

This 15 Days Xinjiang New Orient Express Train in August travel across all highlights in both Northern and Southern Xinjiang and take passangers to witness the best scenary of Autumn.

Day 1, Arrive Urumqi
Day 2, Urumqi - Korla
Day 3, Korla- Kashgar
Day 4, Kashgar- Taxkorgan
Day 5, Taxkorgan
Day 6, Taxkorgan-Kashgar
Day 7, Kashgar- Kuqa
Day 8, Kuqa - Bayinbuluk
Day 9, Bayinbuluk-Beitun
Day 10, Beitun- Hemu
Day 11, Hemu - Kanas
Day 12, Kanas- Yining
Day 13, Yining- Urumqi
Day 14, Urumqi- the heavenly lake- Urumqi
Day 15, Urumqi departure
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Urumqi Arrival

Fly to Urumqi, airport to hotel transfer

Check into 5 star hotel  . Urumqi Hilton hotel or similar


Day 2: Urumqi- Ancient Ecological Park - New Orient Express train to Korla (BLD)

After breakfast, go to  Ancient Ecological Park (visit time: 2hrs). The scenic area covers an area of 200 acres, with distinctive views in four seasons. Serving the role of protecting Xinjiang’s non-renewable Paleontological species resources, with the purpose of developing and promoting Xinjiang’s ancient ecological culture, collect the unique paleontological species in the geological landforms of Xinjiang’s “three mountains and two basins” terrain.

Neutralize and protect it, and use garden art techniques to copy nature to the greatest extent, play back the original appearance of nature, and reproduce the ancient silk road civilization and display the unique culture of the Western Regions. The park has China’s largest Akhal-teke(special speice of horse presentation hall, a collection of wild horses with oil paintings by famous domestic and foreign artists.The museum also has the Jurassic Petrified Wood Protection Base, the Silk Road Science and Technology Museum, the Silk Road Historical Figures Memorial Hall, and the Silk Road Art Boutique Museum.

It integrates eco-tourism, cultural origins, and folk experience, and gathers the rare natural relics of the Western Regions and the cultural essence of the ancient and modern Silk Road in one park. The scenic spot is located in the center of Urumqi city, with convenient transportation, there are six themed dining options including Chinese, Western and Qing cuisine, fine wines, and tea shops; it is also adjacent to the ancient garden, which has won the title of "ChineseThe Silk Road Station Cultural Theme Salon, one of the "Top Ten Cultural Theme Hotels in China", has a unique style and a different layout; the Yema Inn, hidden in the ancient garden, is simple, natural Next visit will be Urumqi  National Museum  which serves as the window for travelers to understand the history , culture, arts of Xinjiang (visit time : 2 hrs). After dinner,board the New Orient Express to Ruoqiang after dinner

Meal: BLD

Accommodation: Hotel in Korla

Ancient Ecological ParkAkhal-teke

Day 3: Korla-Luoburen village -New Orient express train to Kashgar(14hrs train )(BLD)

Arrive Korla in the morning and then change bus journey to Luoburen village. a fairtale village where people live in

harmony , they do not farm or breeding animal and live on fishing. It is a primitive minority village not disturbed by

outside world. Visit time of this village about 1.5 hrs. The village area covers the Taklimakan Desert, wandering

lakes, Tarim River, primitive Populus euphratica forest, Grassland and Robe people. Deserts, inland rivers, green

corridors and the Silk Road meet here to form a natural landscape of golden quality. The Luobu people are

relatively popular in Xinjiang, one of the ancient ethnic groups, they live next to Xiaohaizi on the banks of the Tarim

River. They "do not grow grains or herd livestock, but only fish in small boats for food." Let's continue inward, going

deeper, you can see large tracts of Populus euphratica along the Tarim River, and then reach the vast "China's

largest desert" , you can ride camels here (personal entertainment project, at your own expense).

In the afternoon, take the New Oriental Express to Kashgar with large scale of Takilamakan desert along the way

( train journey will be about 4 to 5 hrs) an we will reach Ruoqiang

Note: Foreign passport holders will take alternative program as Luoburen Village not open to foriegners.

Hongkong/Maocua/Taiwan citzen are allowed. We will visit Bosten lake instead.Bosten Lake is a freshwater lake on

the northeastern rim of the Tarim Basin, about 20 km east of Yanqi and 57 km northeast of Korla, Xinjiang, China

in the Bayin'gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. Covering an area of about 1,000 km, it is the largest lake in

Xinjiang and one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China.

Luoburen villageBosten lake

Day 4: Kashgar – Karakul lake – Taxkorgan (BLD)

Arrive by train in the morning in Kashgar and visit Abakh Hoja Tomb(visit time :2hrs). The scenic spot is located in the eastern suburbs of Kashgar City. Xiangfei Garden is named after "Xiangfei". In 1988, it was rated as a national key cultural relics protection unit. Construction and upgrading began in 2014, and the basic renovation was completed in August 2020. After the renovation, the area covers an area from 70 acres to 300 acres. The architectural style highlights the integration of traditional architecture and modern

elements. It tells the story of Xiang Fei’s life from three aspects: hometown, former residence and old friends. From birth to death, from Kashgar to Beijing, from a noble princess to a legendary story with thousands of favorites; After lunch, we will drive along the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway to the roof of the world - Pamir Plateau. Along the way, you can enjoy the Gezi Canyon, Gezi Station, Liusha River, Red Mountain, etc. famous landscape, arrive at Karakul Lake ( visit time: 40 minutes). Karakul means "Black Sea", with

an altitude of 3600 meters, a lake depth of 30 meters, and a total area of 10 square kilometers. It is a rare plateau lake in the world. It is surrounded by ice peaks and snow ridges. You can see the world-famous peaks above 7000m above sea level - Kunlun Mountains up close, such as: Gonggeer Peak (7719m), Gonggeer Jiubie Peak (7530m), Muztage Peak (7546m). Three mountains stand tall, like jade pillars supporting the sky, standing tall in the sky. The Pamir Plateau is very spectacular and then we will drive to Taxkorgan.

Abakh Hoja TombKarakul Lake

Day 5: stone fortress-golden grassland-Panlong road photo shooting-Taxkorgan(BLD)

After breakfast, go to Stone Fortress (visit time : 1hr).  Stone Fortress is located on the north side of Taxkuljik Autonomous County. It is a famous ancient city site on the ancient Silk Road. At an altitude of 3,700 meters, it occupies an important position from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty and the highest point of the city wall reached more than 20 meters. There are multiple layers of broken or continuous city walls built outside the city. The stone hills between the partition walls overlap and the rocks are scattered around the city wall. Piles form a unique stone city scenery. In the early Yuan Dynasty, great construction work was carried out to expand the city walls of Stone City, and the old Stone City was given a new look. In the 28th year of Guangxu's reign, the Qing court. The Puli Hall was built here and the castle was repaired. Afterwards, go to visit  Golden Grassland (visit time : 1hr).Then drive back to Taxkorgan and be a guest in a Tajik home, taste the snacks prepared by Tajik people, learn about the Tajik national culture. After lunch break, experience Panlong Ancient Road. The entire ancient trail has more than 600 turns. Here you can experience the speed and passion of the Pamirs.


Stone FortressGolden Grassland

Day 6: Taxkorgan-White sand lake- Oytak Glacier-Kashgar(BLD)

Morning, we shall head to Oytak Glacier and on the way to pay a visit for White sand lake. "Oytag" is an ancient Turkic language, meaning "a depression in the mountains". Its natural landscape is dominated by virgin forests, frozen snow ridges, and glacial waterfalls. The landscape here is very distinct. In the distance is the Ailanish Snow Mountain at an altitude of 6678 meters. Under the snow mountain is the spectacular Qiblaze Glacier. Its active glaciers are 225 square kilometers. These modern glaciers are located in low-latitude mountainous areas. , Has been extended down to the forest area at an altitude of 2800 meters, so it is very rare.

white sand lake59118722.webp

Day 7: Kashgar- Id Kah Mosque  -New Orient Express train to Kuqa(BLD)

After breakfast, set off to the AAAAA-level scenic spot Kashgar Old Town (visit time: 1.5 hrs) to watch the opening ceremony of the city. Then visit Id Kah Mosque (visit time : 1hr).After lunch, we shall board the New Orient Express train to Kuqa 

kashgar old townkashgar sunday bazzar

Day 8: Kuqa-Tianshan Grand Canyon-Duku road-Bayanbuluk(BLD)

Foreign passport holders : Kuqa-Tianshan Grand Canyon -New Orient express to Kuitun(BLD)

Arrive Kuqa by New Orient Express in the morning and drive to Tianshan Grand Canyon (visit time about 2 hrs) which is referred to one of the 10 most beautiful valley in China. In Ughur language , Tianshan Grand Canyon means “ Red Cliff”. It located in deep valley surround by sand but with clean and clear spring running inside which is kind of miracle of nature. Then we will set off and take the famous Duku Highway to the small town of Bayanbulak town

Note: Bayanbulak is not open to foreign passport holders But Hongkong/Macau/Taiwanese are allowed

For foreign passport holders:

Arrive Kuqa by New Orient Express in the morning and drive to Tianshan Grand Canyon (visit time about 2 hrs) which is referred to one of the 10 most beautiful valley in China. In Ughur language , Tianshan Grand Canyon means “ Red Cliff”. It located in deep valley surround by sand but with clean and clear spring running inside which is kind of miracle of nature. Next visit will be Kezil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, “Kezil” means “red” in Ughur language. The cave is between the cliffs of Mingwudage Mountain on the north bank of the Muzati River. There are 349 existing caves discovered and 269 caves numbered. About one-third of the caves have a relatively complete shape and a large number of mural remains. Based on the analysis of the structural characteristics of the cave, the theme and artistic style of the murals, and the age determined by radioactive carbon, the grottoes are mainly remains from the fourth to eighth centuries, and can be roughly divided into three periods: early, middle and late. A typical representative of Zizi Grottoes, and then board on the New Orient Express train to Kuitun 

tianshan grand canyonKezil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes

Day 9 Duku Road North section – New Orient Express train to Beitun(BLD)

Foreign passport holders : Kuitun-Duku Road -Dushanzi Canyon-New Orient Express train to Beitun(BLD)

We will travel across north section of Duku road and go through Naraty Grassland which is referred to best scenery for north section of Duku road,on the way shall stop to visit Memorial tomb who saccharified their life to build this amazing Duku road.. After dinner, we shall board the New Orient Express train to Beitun

For foreign passport holders:

Morning time, we shall arrive Kuitun by train, then we will experience north section of Duku Road,(Kuitun to Tangbula grassland section). The Duku Highway is famous for its steepness. In the autumn, the pastures along the pasture have been harvested, which is different from the green in summer. In autumn, it looks like the wheat stubble left after the wheat waves have been harvested. Afterwards, we went to visit Dushanzi Canyon( 1.5 hr visit). which is located in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang, at the beginning of the Duku Highway. After the river rushes out of the Tianshan Mountains, it cuts through the sloping plain in the southwest of Dushanzi to form a magical scenic canyon. The terraces on both sides of the canyon are clearly visible, and can be divided into at least nine levels. The terraces are desert grasslands, with tall grasses, stipa, etc. growing there. In Dushanzi, the Tongtun River flows through the Dushanzi Grand Canyon. The canyon runs north-south. The cliffs of the canyon are steep. The water flows at the bottom of the valley. The ground on the shoulder of the valley is desert grassland. Standing on the shoulder of the valley and looking at the canyon, you can see the beautiful scenery in front of you. It is a typical Grand Canyon scene. The alluvial ravines formed by the snow and rainwater flowing down from the Tianshan Mountains pass through the soil here, carving out these unique landscapes on the valley walls. Take the New Oriental Express from Wantongtun Station to Beitun City 

duku roaddushanzi canyon

Day 10 Beitun-Burqin-Hemu(BLD)

Arrive at Beitun by New Orient Express, then we will change vehicle and drive to Hemu(about 3 hrs driving), before reaching Hemu, we shall stop to visit Five Color beach, see its unique Yadan landform: undulating valleys and dressing-like slopes. Check into Tuwa village of Hemu after dinner

five color beachhemu village

Day 11: Hemu- Kanas ( BLD)

Wake up late and wander around this fairytale village to enjoy a fresh morning and then take the bus to Kanas Scenic park, . Kanas means "beautiful, rich, mysterious" in Mongolian.Its beauty can be described as overwhelming. Take the shuttle bus into the scenic area, passing through: Tuojing Bay, Rowan Valley, Birch Forest, Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, Shenxian Bay, Yaze Lake, its beautiful scenery and its name will be engraved in your mind. It is quiet and beautiful, and it is a paradise on earth that can purify people's soul.

Next we will go to Fish Pavilion , take a bus to the middle of the mountain, walk up the 1068 steps, and climb

Go to the top of the mountain and overlook the panoramic view of Kanas. After the tour, drive to Beitun City and

check into the hotel after dinner

Kanas Scenic parkKanas Scenic park

Day 12: Kanas-Baihaba village -Beitun- New Orient Express train to Yining(BLD)

With a good sleep and a late breakfast, we will drive to No.1 village in the northwest part of China- Baihaba village (visit time about 1 hr.). Baihaba village largely preserved their old tradition by respecting the nature and kept the tradition of Tuwa people for hundreds of years. On the way, we will also stop to visit Laomatou town of Russian style. After dinner, we shall board the New Orient express train to Yining

Baihaba villageBaihaba village

Day 13: Yining-Syram lake-Urumqi (BLD)

Reach Yining about noon time and we will drive across Guozigou Bridge, – the first pass

to Yili. Guoziguo acts as the door keeper of Yili , cost 2.4 billion to complete the constructions with a total length of

700m, the height is of 200m. Then we will reach Syram lake. Syram lake was the largest cold water lake with highest elevation in Xinjiang, it is referred to be the last tear drop from the West Atlantic ocean with flowers of colors spreading around the lake in the spring under blue sky and the sun light shining on the lake surface, make it breathtakingly beautiful. 

guozigou bridgesyram lake

Day 14: Urumqi- the heavenly lake- Urumqi(BLD)

After breakfast, drive to the famous alpine lake, a landmark tourist attraction in Xinjiang and a national tourist scenic spot  The heavenly lake which covers an area of approximately 4.9 square kilometers and the deepest point of the lake is 105 meters. Viewed from the top of the mountain, it looks like a bright mirror, nestled in a pine forest canyon with an altitude of more than 1,900 meters.

The heavenly lakeThe heavenly lake

Day 15 Urumqi departure

Hotel to airport transfer and end up the service

Price Guide


Golden diamond room


Upgrade blue diamond room(2pax room)


Blue Diamond room (4 Pax room)


Child Price (Under 1.2m), no need for   extra bed:  RMB 10888/Person



1. New Orient Express & local transfer

2. Accommodation on twin room sharing basis on land trip in hotels 

3. Meals mentioned above

4. Chinese speaking tour guide

5. Entrance tickets

6. Insurance

7. Government tax

8. Service fee



1. Trasnport to and leave Xinjiang

2. Personal expenses (optional activities, shopping, drink, etc.)

3. Tips

4. Extra cost caused by force majeure

5. Single room supplement


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