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Top 5 Night Fair Shops

Last updated:Nov 17,2022; By: Cindy; Hits: 81

Every evening, where there is night fair, there are crowds and busy night lives. Let’s see the top 5 night market shops in Zhangjiajie and try their most famous dishes!

Old Master BBQ

The congee with minced pork and preserved egg has a homey taste. Roast green bean is a great partner with the congee. The taste of the food in this shop hasn’t changed for years. Generations of local people eat here for its authentic delicacies.

Address: No.139 Commercial City


Zhuage Hot Braised Food

Fried dumpling, with mild spicy and sour dipping sauce, is on its must-order list. Corn and rib soup is a great partner with fried dumplings. The fresh and delicious soup will relieve the greasiness. 

Address: Nanzheng Street and Pedestrian Street Intersection Northeast 50 meters


Sun’s Crawfish

Spicy crayfish is a famous snack in Hunan. It is the first choice for midnight snack for many people. There are two ways of cooking: soup and dry. It’s recommended to add some side dishes to make it more delicious.

Address: Nanzheng Street


Dabin Chuanchuan Hot Pot

Pepper beef and coriander beef are its hottest dish in Dabin’s hot pot, very suitable for those who love to eat spicy food.

Address: No.17-18, Huilong Road


Hao Bu Si

The oyster is plump and fresh. With fried garlic and other seasonings, it brings out the very best taste of the oysters

Address: Binhe Road Beside the Yanhe Community Service Center


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