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Special Handicraft in Zhangjiajie

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Due to Zhangjiajie’s natural condition, instead of some modern products, we will recommend some special handicrafts for you, which represents the most authentic style of Zhangjiajie.

Tujia Sticker Painting

Tujia Sticker Paintings are the local specialty which is popular within tourists in Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan. This painting does not use papers, paint, brush or ink. The raw materials are sand, barks, bamboo shells and tattered rag. In Zhangjiajie, most sticker paintings are made by Tujia ethnic group. They present the beautiful landscape of Zhangjiajie and the life styles of the local villages to others via this art.


Tujia Brocade

Tujia Brocade is another kind of handicraft, which is produced in Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in west of Hunan Province. It is a kind of handmade cloth with ethnic characteristics. Xilankap is a kind of brocade made by Tujia ethnic group. It is an absolutely necessary item in Tujia people's daily lives. This kind of brocade, known as the top souvenir for tourists, is now made into varied craftworks and is very popular among tourists.


Tujia Batik

Batik is a traditional folk craftwork in Chinese Tujia ethnic group. The batik is one of the three printing crafts in ancient China. In most Zhangjiajie villages, all family have their own wax knives and dye vats. They can draw all kinds of fancy pictures on the handmade cloth however they like. The patterns of the batik are from the natural elements, such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, to people's daily works and activities.


Guiwen Stone Carving

Guiwen Stone Carving is a local handicraft in the Tianzi Mountain Natural Resource Reserve. Guiwen Stone is the fossil of an ancient life-form, and the craftsmen use it to create stone carvings in different shapes such as tortoises, cattle, horses, or dragons.


Miao Embroidery

Miao embroidery, generally recognized as one of the most exquisite embroideries around the world, is the perfect combination of variety, fine craftsmanship as well as abundant culture. Moreover, as time goes on, it has become an artistic boutique for aesthetic enjoyment and collection.


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