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Food Street Guide of Zhangjiajie

Last updated:Nov 17,2022; By: Cindy; Hits: 661

While traveling to Zhangjiajie, trying local delicacies should be on your radar. Here we would like to recommend some must-go food streets in Zhangjiajie.

Huilong Street

It is the food gathering place of Zhangjiajie. Some specialty restaurants, such as Xianglirenjia Restaurant, Tujia Restaurant of Tang Master, and Sanxiaguo of Master Hu, can be found here. The whole street is full of night snacks and all kinds of BBQs. Roasted eggplant, beans, potatoes, roasted peppers, fried bananas and other vegetables all taste wonderful.



West Street

Zhangjiajie West Street is a paradise for foodies, gathering Chinese cuisine, tea restaurant, dining bar, BBQs, coffee, beer bar and a series of other delicacies together. You can definitely satisfy your desire here from street to street. 


Xibu Street

If you visit Wulingyuan, you have to stroll along Xibu Street. Your eyes will be dazzled by characteristic snacks, folk shops and water bars. Wulingyuan District is not only a scenic spot, but also a food paradise that both local and foreign people like.


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