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Clothes Packing for Zhangjiajie Tour

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Millions of tourists from all over the world will visit Zhangjiajie each year for its variety of attractions, local culture, food, and irresistible charm. Planning on paying a visit soon? Make sure you pack the suitable clothes with you, blending in and looking like a true Zhangjiajie people in whatever season you may be visiting. We recommend some best place to visit zhangjiajie, more detail please refer to best place to visit zhangjiajie in different seasons.

Spring (Mar. - May.)

Zhangjiajie weather features a very short spring, starting from late March and only lasting till late April. The temperature ranges from 15-25C (59-77F). Spring is warm. The best outfit is long sleeves and jacket or jeans.


Summer (Jun. – Aug.)

The weather is hottest in July and August with the average temperature ranging 28-33C (82-91F). Summer in Zhangjiajie is cool, wear anything in summer will be fine, but it may be little cool when the sun set down or in the forest, mountain region so a light overcoat is suggested. Hats and sunglasses could be worn depend on the weather.


Autumn (Sep. – Nov.)

In autumn, the temperature is around 18-28C (64-82F). Autumn is usually cool in Zhangjiajie, and it will be cold in mountain region. Taking an overcoat and long sleeve for this season is advisable.


Winter (Dec. – Feb.)

The climate in winter is not that cold with the temperature at 0-10C (32-50F). Winter is always windy. Take more cloth to keep warm. Sweater and jacket could be worn during the season.


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