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Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

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Fast Facts

Area: 9,516 square kilometers (about 3,674 square miles)

Location: northeast of Hunan Province

Population: about 1,600,000

Nationalities: Tujia, Bai, Miao and Han

Area Code: 0744

Zip Code: 427000


Useful Numbers

Tourist Complaint: 8380188

Fire: 119

Ambulance: 120

Police: 110

Traffic: 122

Weather Forecast: 121

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Police 110  Ambulance 120


The weather of Zhangjiajie features a short spring of only two months and a long summer with five months. From April to June is the recommended time to go. During this time, it is most delightful to climb on the mountains and admire the colorful flowers and green trees.


To exchange currency, it is both available in Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport and the Bank of China in the city. You can also try to withdraw the cash directly from the ATMs in the city.

Exchange at Bank/Airport Withdraw Cash from ATM


It is easy to find Internet bars or cafes in downtown. In most scenic areas, there is free Wi-Fi for visitors to chat with friends or search for information conveniently.

Medical Care

There are several large hospitals in downtown. Medical care centers have covered most scenic areas as well. Here is the information of some hospitals and clinics.

1. In Downtown

Zhangjiajie People's Hospital

Address: No. 192, Guyong Road.

Phone: (0744) 8222270

Zhangjiajie Traditional Medicine Hospital

Address: No. 19, Huilong Road, Nanzheng Street, Yongding District.

Phone: (0744) 8200120

2. Near Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Wulingyuan District People's Hospital

Address: Wuling Road, Wulingyuan District

Phone: (0744) 5610120

Wulingyuan District Zhonghu Town Medical Service Center

Address: Zhonghu Town, Wulingyuan District

Phone: (0744)5517013

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