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How to Pack Lighter

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Zhangjiajie is a prime destination for travelers who are keen to explore natural wonders. The time of year for travel to Zhangjiajie will determine your packing needs. Knowing how to pack for a trip to Zhangjiajie can make your trip a success.

Limit your packing to luggage you can comfortably carry. Put most of your clothing in the larger suitcase. And put valuables, papers, medication and one change of clothing in a smaller bag that will be your carry-on bag at the airport.


Use smaller items like socks, rolled up t-shirts and underwear as fillers. Use travel size or small containers for toiletries. Prepare one comfortable pair of shoes suitable for walking/hiking around Zhangjiajie scenic areas and for the flight. You can always roll up socks, underwear, and accessories and put them inside of shoes to create space.


Plan to dress in layers so you're prepared for whatever Zhangjiajie weather dishes out.


Always leave a little space in your bag when packing. It seems like you never have as much room leaving your vacation as you did when coming.


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