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Things You Need to Know about Xinjiang

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Before traveling to Xinjiang, we always make some preparations in advance. Here are some suggestions for your Xinjiang travel and some basic information for your trip preparation!



Spring in Xinjiang is dry and windy with strong ultraviolet ray. You'd better pack some thin sweater or coat. Summer is too hot in Xinjiang. T-shirt will be enough. Xinjiang is quite cold in winter, so sweater or thick coat are necessary. 



In addition to the some common medicine, due to the large temperature difference between day and light, please prepare some cold medicines just in case.



When traveling in Xinjiang, hydrating mask and spray are suggested. Sunbonnet, sunglasses and sunblock are also necessary.



In Xinjiang, ethnic minorities don’t eat pork and are also unallowed to mention pigs in public. Don't smoke or drink in Muslim restaurants or other public area.



Xinjiang food has a strong flavor, with lots of cumin and chilli. The main food are meat, noodles, and muttons.



When shopping in Xinjiang, if you do not have the intention to buy it, it’s better to ask the price ONLY without bargaining.


Optional Activities

Xinjiang has rich tourism resources. Some individual scenic spots, in order to offer better travel experience to the travelers, launch a variety of optional activities like horse riding, camel riding, boating, etc.


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Xinjiang has a two-hour time difference from Beijing although we all use GMT+8 time zone.

Timetable in Xinjiang:

Morning work time 10:00 am - 14:00 pm

Afternoon work time 15:00 am - 19:00 pm

Dinner time 20:30 - 21:00

Normal sack time 24:00


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