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5 Days to Badain Jarhan Desert by Land Cruiser

Price from USD 710 p/p

April to November Best Time
4 ~ 12 Group Size
2520 Max Altitude
Badain Jarhan desert, Shandan horse farm,Pingshan lake grand canyon

Badain Jarhan borders Gansu and Inner Mogolia, it is referred to be as the most beautiful desert in China and it is a less known desert by the tourist. It is quite remote and only can use land crusier to reach the centre of desert to see the reputed pink lake. There about dozens of lakes lies in the desert however one lake is special decause it is in pink color. This route will take you to this desert and visit this famous pink lake. We will provide land cruiser for you to surfing among the pea

Day 1 Arrive Zhangye and meet at hotel
Day 2 Zhangye-Shandan Horse Farm
Day 3 Bataan Lake-Pink Lake-Shenquan(Scared Spring)-Desert Everest-Miaohaizi
Day 4 Badain Jaran Desert-Alxa Youqi
Day 5 Alxa Youqi -Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon-Zhangye
Itinerary Details

Day 1 Arrive Zhangye and meet at hotel

Fly to Zhangye on your own arrangement and meet at designate ed hotel in Zhangye. Zhangye is known as the "land of mulberry and hemp" and “the land of fish and rice”. Zhangye Ganzhou night market features with red color -the red lanterns, antique wooden gates and stalls  will turn into a gourmet paradise at night which is very festive and charming.

【Food recommendation】

Fish noodles, also called fish roe; is  a traditional noodle snack in Zhangye. Wu Ji fish noodles in Ganzhou night market is the most popular noodle restaurant. On the panel, the noodles are rolled into one-inch-long with pointed ends; the shape of the finished product is thick in the middle and pointed at both ends, which is named after the fish roe.

Zhangye cityZhangye city

Day 2 Zhangye-Shandan Horse Farm

After breakfast, drive to the Shandan Horse Farm along the 227 National Road which was established by Huo Qubing in Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 2100 years and is the oldest racecourse in the world It is also the largest horse farm in the world. Many old movies have been filmed there, such as "The Wrangler" and "Princess Wencheng". The horses are flat with lush water plants ( The plants are green and golden in winter). It is an ideal place for reproduction and growth of the horses. The first generation of the horses can be date back the Western Han Dynasty (over 3000 years), it has been based on the local Mongolian horses, and introduced a variety of good breeds from the Western Regions as well. The hybridized Shandan horses are well-known in the world, and it has become a breeding base for royal family in the past.

Remarks: Due to the limited number of rooms on the horse farm, accommodation will be changed according to the situation.

Special free offer: One hour horseback riding experience at Shandan Racecourse.

Shandan horse farmShandan horse farm

Day 3 Bataan Lake-Pink Lake-Shenquan(Scared Spring)-Desert Everest-Miaohaizi

After breakfast, drive to the Badain Jaran Desert (about 2 hours driving). After a short period of adjustment, your desert exploration journey has officially begun, thrilling, shocking and exciting and we will meet various lakes during the exploration. Our local best riders will take you into the desert hinterland. They are familiar with the location of each lake in the desert, and they have climbed over the sandy hills one after another by the 4WD Landcruiser vehicles.On one curve after another, quietly listening to the sound of wind and sand. This is the largest echoing sand mountain in the world.  We will arrive at Dagtu (Pink Lake) at noon time, here we will choose a suitable location to have our picnic lunch by the pink lake side. What an amazing lunch with gorgeous view.

After lunch, drive to Yinderitu Sacred Spring, feel the charm of the desert sacred spring, challenge the highest peak of the desert in the world, and then arrive at the Badain Jaran Temple, it will be today’s campsite, where the herdsmen in the desert hinterland are located. You can take a rest and wait for the sunset when you go down, change your skirt/shorts and bring your sandboard to experience the real surfing in the sand. You can also sit on the sand ridge and wait for the gentlest light of the day to hit the ground.

In the evening:  we will enjoy our  special meal of desert mujia style with some beer, lying on the sand with the bright galaxy over your head.

Bataan lakepink lake

Day 4  Badain Jaran Desert-Alxa Youqi

Pack your bags after breakfast. Riding an off-road vehicle, like a caravan on the Silk Road, walking in the vast desert, and starting a new day of desert exploration. God has drawn too many beautiful pictures here with a paintbrush. Today we will climb over taller and taller sand hills. At the bottom those sandy hills, there are miraculously dotted with clear and beautiful freshwater lakes, the lake water is very clear. Experience sandboarding at Fairy Lake and feel the thrill of heartbeat and screaming. Arrive at Bataan Lake Hotel for lunch. Take a break after lunch to watch the view of Bataan Lake and the giant desert theme statue of Genghis Khan. Here is the largest freshwater lake in the desert. There is also a saltwater lake on the back of the sandy mountain 50 meters away. The magical thing is that every winter the water level of the lake rises, the saltwater lake and the freshwater lake will bypass the sandy mountain and merge into a lake. . When the lake melts in the summer, the two lakes are separated and occupy a corner. Many people can't believe that there is such a spectacle in the desert, and they make a beautiful wish here. Then we will leave the Badain Jaran Desert and drive to Ayouqi for overnight stay

Bataan lakepink lake

Day 5 Alxa Youqi -Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon-Zhangye

After breakfast, we will drive to Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon ,the canyon is characterized by flowing water ravines but  low&  gentle mountains, and with sandy mountains as the background. They are mostly  in conical , columnar and peculiar shapes; The rock formations are in various clear layers and different tones. It also contains representative biogenic fossils of various geological ages, and is also called "living geological history textbook". After the tour. Then we will distribute you to airport or train station and wish you a safe journey back home.

Remarks: We will reach Zhangye city around 4 pm, please book your flight accordingly

Pingshan Grand CrayonPiingshan lake grand canyon

Price Guide

Price inclusions

1.Transport : 4WD land cruiser during the desert exprloation : 4 pax/Car

2. Entrance tickets :Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon + Shuttle Bus, Badain Jaran Desert, Shandan Horse Farm

3. Accommodation : 4 nights accommodation on twin share basis

Zhangye/Ayouqi: quasi-four hotel

Shandan Horse Farm: homestay

Miaohaizi : Guesthouse

4. Team leader:  Professional team leader

5. Special free experience: desert shooting props, 1 hour horse riding at Shandan horse farme

Price exclusions

1.     Any flight or train tickets

2.     Personal expenses

3.     Other fun activities: extra horse riding , camel riding etc.

4.     Single room supplements

Value Added

1. 7*24 English Professional Customer service Support! Whenever you are in need, our customer service will be available to help you. 

China Adventure customer service teamChina Adventure customer service team

2. Easy booking and Flexible cancellation!  Unlike most travel agency, we do provide free cancellation policies to travelers with good reason such as disease, covid, family emergency etc.

3.  Safety guarantee journey and well-euipped logistic support team

For mountain hike trip , we provide

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support

Professional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China AdventureProfessional Climbing Equipment  and Well-prepared Logistic Support of China Adventure

4. We took to you less-tourists visited off the beaten path only to let you know real China 

China Adventure offers off the beaten travel onlyChina Adventure offers off the beaten travel only

5. Special gifts , free holidya dinner and souvenirs for holidays from China Adventure Team

Hongbao for spring festival trip with China AdventureSpring festival dinner for Spring fesetival trip with China Adventure

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