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12 Days China Orient Express Train in October

Price from USD 3700 p/p

October Best Time
8 ~18 Group Size
3200 Max Altitude
the heavenly lake, Milan relics, Pamir plateau, Taxkorgan, Hotan, Kuqa

Take October New Orient Express train journey for mysterious ancient silk road to discover the hidden gems of Southern Xinjiang.

Day 1, Arrive Urumqi
Day 2, Urumqi- Korla
Day 3, Korla- Ruoqiang
Day 4, Ruoqiang- Hotan
Day 5, Hotan
Day 6, Hotan -Kashgar
Day 7, Kashgar- Taxkorgan
Day 8, Taxkorgan - Kashgar
Day 9, Kashgar- Kuqa
Day 9, Kuqa
Day 10, Tianshan Grand Canyon
Day 11, Kuqa- Urumqi
Day 12, Urumqi departure
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Urumqi Arrival

Fly to Urumqi, airport to hotel transfer

Check into 5 star hotel  . Jinjiang International Hotel Urumqi or similar

Day 2: Urumqi- the heavenly lake- New Orient Express train to Korla(BLD)

After breakfast, drive to the famous alpine lake, a landmark tourist attraction in Xinjiang and a national tourist scenic spot  The heavenly lake which covers an area of approximately 4.9 square kilometers and the deepest point of the lake is 105 meters. Viewed from the top of the mountain, it looks like a bright mirror, nestled in a pine forest canyon with an altitude of more than 1,900 meters.

Return to Urumqi in the afternoon and visit the national first-level museum Xinjiang Museum, which is called "Recovering the Past Glory of the Western Regions - Xinjiang Historical Relics" with more than 37,000 cultural relics and specimens of various types, including 381 national first-class cultural relics.

Next stop would be the famous Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar. The dazzling array of ethnic specialties and handicrafts here will definitely make you addicted. After dinner, board the New Oriental Express and officially start your journey on the New Oriental Express! 

Xinjiang New Orient Express trainthe heavenly lake

Day 3  Korla – Luoburen village – New Orient Express train to Ruoqiang(BLD)

After breakfast, we will drive about 2 hrs to reach “ Luoburen village‘’  a fairtale village  where people live in harmony , they do not farm or breeding animal and live on fishing. It is a primitive minority village not disturbed by outside world. Visit time of this village about 1.5 hrs. The village area covers the Taklimakan Desert, wandering lakes, Tarim River, primitive Populus euphratica forest, Grassland and Robe people. Deserts, inland rivers, green corridors and the Silk Road meet here to form a natural landscape of golden quality. The Luobu people are relatively popular in Xinjiang, one of the ancient ethnic groups, they live next to Xiaohaizi on the banks of the Tarim River. They "do not grow grains or herd livestock, but only fish in small boats for food." Let's continue inward, going deeper, you can see large tracts of Populus euphratica along the Tarim River, and then reach the vast "China's largest desert" [Taklimakan Sand-Takalamakan desert, you can ride camels here (personal entertainment project, at your own expense).

 In the afternoon, take the New Oriental Express to Ruoqiang with large scale of Takilamakan desert along the way ( train journey will be about 4 to 5 hrs) an we will reach Ruoqiang

Note: Foreign passport holders will take alternative program as Luoburen Village not open to foriegners. Hongkong/Maocua/Taiwan citzen are allowed. We will visit Bosten lake instead.Bosten Lake is a freshwater lake on the northeastern rim of the Tarim Basin, about 20 km  east of Yanqi and 57 km  northeast of Korla, Xinjiang, China in the Bayin'gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. Covering an area of about 1,000 km, it is the largest lake in Xinjiang and one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China.

Luoburen villageBosten lake

Day 4: Ruoqiang-Milan relics(1.5hr)- Loulan museum (1.5hr)- – Hotan(BLD)

After breakfast, drive 1.5hr to Milan Relics. Milan used to be an important trade center for Ancient silk road, situated in the oasis of Takalamakan desert. The relics including ancient Shanshan minority , Han & Tang dynasty . visit time : 1.5hr

 Then drive 1.5hr to Loulan museum. Visit time about 1 hour. Loulan museum is a window for travelers to know the history to Loulan ancient country and Milan relices. It is a platform to present, conserved important historic relices and culture for Xinjiangg ancient silk road culture

 After lunch, we will board New orient express train to Hotan

Meal: BLD

Accommodation: New Orient Express

Milan relicsHeruo railway

Day 5 Hotan- Yukongbaiyu river-Hotan-Yueteqiangucheng night view (BLD)

Arrive by train in the morning, drive to sightseeing platform to gorgeous sunrise view over the desert. Then we will drive to Hotan downtown to have a good breakfast. With some rest, we will explore Hotan Tuancheng. "Tuancheng" is named after being surrounded by streets and alleys. It is a typical traditional folk neighborhood pattern in southern Xinjiang and retains a large number of old buildings. Walking through the streets and alleys of Tuancheng, you will inadvertently be attracted by a certain building, a certain door, and a certain window here.

Yulong Kashi river(Baiyu river):The Yulong Kashi River continuously carries jade down from the Kunlun Mountains. It is famous for the production of mutton-fat white jade, also known as the White Jade River. There are many kinds of jade produced here. Since the treasure was discovered in this river, a new profession has emerged, that is, "jade picker". There are many local inheritors. They have rich experience, and some of them are also Made a fortune from this. We can pick up stones in the river and see if we are lucky enough to find jade seeds!

Grape Valley is must seeing site for southern Xinjiang. Yuteqiangucheng. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, one of the thirty-six kingdoms in the Western Regions was a Buddhist country. It was recorded in historical records for more than 1,200 years. During the Northern Song Dynasty, it was overthrown by the Karakhan Dynasty. Its capital was called Yotgan. means the city of kings. The architectural style basically restores the square city recorded in the history books, the white Ayiwang dwellings, the Sumi Castle, the Seven Phoenix Pagoda... During the day here, it can be called "a hundred shows in ten directions", walking through the streets and alleys filled with smoke, Warm and hospitable street vendors; dancing Xinjiang girls; a dazzling array of handicrafts; mouth-watering baked buns and naan; thrilling flying carpets and a series of other beautiful things in Xinjiang emerge before our eyes; at dusk, the sun rises Gradually, the golden sunlight shines on the old city. You can taste a cup of century-old Xinjiang tea. The fragrance of the tea will hit your nose. Listen to a harmonica playing. The world is beautiful. When night falls, you can see the vast starry sky in the old city of Yuteqiangucheng, and the graceful Milky Way. Against the dim lights of the old city, vendors in the streets and alleys come out to sell their goods, and the aroma of kebabs spreads to every household.

Hotan tuanchengkashi river

Day 6 Hotan- New Orient express train to Sache- Yingjisha-Kashgar(BLD)

After breakfast, board New orient express train to Sache, upon arrival, we will visit Shchache Yerqiang Khan Palace(visit time: 1.5hrs). Yarkand is located between Taklimakan and Dawakun Great Gobi, so Yarkand. The Yerqiang Khan Palace is often called the palace in the desert. The palace is actually not very big, but it is extremely exquisite. It is mainly blue and yellow and looks very unique. Pattern. The symmetry and patterns are arranged regularly, giving people a sense of entering a world where a kaleidoscope can change. Courtyards, roofs, corridors, walls, colors, everything, it has a different kind of exotic style

Then we will drive to Yingjisha County to visit Little Knife Village  (visit time : 1hr) to experience c the historical, cultural, craftsmanship and forging of Yingjisha Little Knife. It stands out with its exquisite shape, beautiful patterns and sharp edges. Later, we went to the village which was rated as “the most beautiful leisure village in China” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Take a tour to Tu Pottery Village, experience the unique clay pottery art of Xinjiang, and follow senior folk clay pottery artists to make unique Uyghur folk handicrafts: Glazed wares, pottery plates, pottery pots, pottery pots and commonly used folk pottery crafts, etc., you can personally experience the making of earthen pottery and feel the intangible cultural heritage brought by charm and then drive to Kashgar for overnight stay

Meal : BLD

Shchache Yerqiang Khan PalaceLittle Knife Village

Day 7 Kashgar – Karakul lake- stone fortress- Golden grassland-Taxkorgan (BLD)

Early in the morning, we shall arrive in Kashgar and drive along the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway to the roof of the world - Pamir Plateau. Along the way, you can enjoy the Gezi Canyon, Gezi Station, Liusha River, Red Mountain, etc. famous landscape, arrive at Karakul Lake (visit time: 40 minutes).  Karakul means "Black Sea", with an altitude of 3600 meters, a lake depth of 30 meters, and a total area of 10 square kilometers. It is a rare plateau lake in the world. It is surrounded by ice peaks and snow ridges. You can see the world-famous peaks above 7000m above sea level - Kunlun Mountains up close, such as: Gonggeer Peak (7719m), Gonggeer Jiubie Peak (7530m), Muztage Peak (7546m). Three mountains stand tall, like jade pillars supporting the sky, standing tall in the sky. The Pamir Plateau is very spectacular, and then we will go to drive to Stone Fortress (Visit time: 1 hour). Stone Fortress is located on the north side of Taxkorgan Autonomous County and is a famous site on the ancient Silk Road. With an altitude of 3,700 meters, it occupies an important position and is majestic. From the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, expansion and garrisoning continued, and the highest point of the city wall reached more than 20 meters. There are many buildings outside the city. The city walls are intermittent or continuous, the stone mounds overlap between the partition walls, and the rocks are piled up, forming a unique stone city scenery. In the early Yuan Dynasty, stone city underwent extensive construction and expansion. The old Stone City has a new look. In the 28th year of Guangxu's reign, the Qing government established Puli Hall here and repaired the castle. Then go to see  Golden Grassland (visit time : 1 hour). Take photos and take a break.  Then check into hotel

Meal plan : BLD

Accommodation :Qianhai hotel, Yingbin hotel or similar ( no 4 star hotel available in Taxkorgan)

golden grassland stone fortress

Day 8 : Taxkorgan-  Tajik family visit-White sand lake(2.5hrs driving)- Kashgar(2hrs driving) (BLD)

After breakfast, we will pay a visit to Tajik family who live at Pamir plateau, then we will drive  back to Kashgar and visited White Sand lake and White Sand mountain (referred to as Baisha Lake,visit time:40 minutes), which is characterized by blue sky, white clouds, snow. The original ecological picture of 3,300 meters above sea level formed by mountains, sand lakes and sand mountains is also a must-see when visiting Kashgar. Check into the hotel after dinner.

Tajik peoplewhite sand lake 

Day 9 Kashgar – Idk Mosque-Xiangfei tomb-Kuqa(BLD)

After breakfast, we will visit Kashgar old town(visit time: 1.5hrs) to watch the opening ceremony of the city and visit Idk Mosque (visit time: 1hr). After lunch visit Xiangfei Tomb, also called Abakh Hoja Tomb(visit time : 2hrs).  The scenic spot is located in the eastern suburbs of Kashgar City. Xiangfei Garden is named after "Xiangfei". In 1988, it was rated as a national key cultural relics protection unit. Construction and upgrading began in 2014, and the basic renovation was completed in August 2020. After the renovation, the area covers an area from 70 acres to 300 acres. The architectural style highlights the integration of traditional architecture and modern elements. It tells the story of Xiang Fei’s life from three aspects: hometown, former residence and old friends. From birth to death, from Kashgar to Beijing, from a noble princess to a legendary story with thousands of favorites;

Then we will board New Orient Express for Kuaq around 22:00

Meal : BLD

Accommodation : New Orient Express

Idk MosqueKashgar sunday bazzar

Day 10  Kuqa-Tianshan Grand Canyon- Kuqa Palace- Restan old street (BLD)

Morning time, we will reach Kuqa, today’s highlights: Tianshan Grand Canyon, Kuqa Palace, Restan old street

First visit would be the ending point of Duku road, here will the stunning view of Tianshan Grand Canyon. Tianshan Grand Canyon is referred to be one of ten most beautiful canyon in China. In Ughur language , Tianshan Grand Canyon means “ Red Cliff”. It located in deep valley surround by sand but with clean and clear spring running inside which is kind of miracle of nature. We shall spend 2 hrs time to explore this grand canyon.

Next visit will be Kuqa Palace  which covers an area of 40,000 square meters and displays the architectural features of Han culture, Uyghur and Islamic styles in the Central Plains. Here you can feel. Come to the splendor of the Qianlong period and experience the long history of more than 190 years with 12 generations of hereditary "Kings of Kuqa". The Kuqa Palace includes the Palace Exhibition Area, Kucha Museum Exhibition Area,

Restan old street means market or mall in Ugur language , this street is the busiest shopping street in Kuqa with full presentation of local goods, fruits etc

Tianshan Grand CanyonKuqa Palace

Day 11 Kuqa- Luntai- New Orient Express train to Urumqi ( BLD)

After breakfast, we will drive to to Luntai to visit Tarimu Populus Euphratica Forest (165KM, nearly 3 hours  driving). Tarim Populus euphratica Forest is the largest primitive Populus euphratica forest park in Xinjiang, and is also the area with the highest concentration of primitive Populus euphratica forests in the entire Tarim River Basin. The scenic spot integrates the natural landscape of the Tarim River, Populus euphratica landscape, and desert landscape. It is the oldest, largest, most complete, and primitive Populus euphratica forest reserve in the world. The golden autumn season is the most beautiful season of the Populus euphratica forest. The golden Populus euphratica decorates both sides of the Tarim River in a picturesque and brilliant way. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golden Populus euphratica! Strolling through the Tarim Populus euphratica Park, you will find that there are about 220 curves here, making it the scenic road with the most curves in the world. Both sides of the road are full of vicissitudes of life. The tall and strong bodies of Populus euphratica are either bending or lying down, shouting to the sky, silent or heroic. When visitors come here, in addition to admiring, singing, or remaining silent, they also feel infinite admiration for life.

Then drive to Luntai County, and take the New Oriental Express back to Urumqi after dinner.

luntai Populus Euphratica Forest Tarimu Populus Euphratica Forest

Day 12 Urumqi departure

Arrive Urumqi at 06:30am,  we will drop you off to the airport according to your flight departure time. End up the service

Price Guide

2024 New Oriental Express Train Itinerary and Price of October

Price Guide




Single Room


(Hotels on land)

Child price

Golden diamond room

44888 RMB

3500 RMB

(Hotel   only)

RMB 8880

(No extra bed)

Blue Diamond (Upgrade)

34888 RMB

3500 RMB

(Hotel   only)

RMB 8880

(No extra bed)


1. New Orient Express & local transfer

2. Accommodation on twin room sharing basis 

3. Meals mentioned above

4. Chinese speaking tour guide

5. Entrance tickets

6. Insurance

7. Government tax

8. Service fee


1. Trasnport to and leave Xinjiang

2. Personal expenses (optional activities, shopping, drink, etc.)

3. Tips

4. Extra cost caused by force majeure

5. Single room supplement

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