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Weather in Chamdo

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Chamdo has a continental plateau climate characterized by low temperatures. It has two distinct seasons, a rainy season from May to September and a dry season from October to April. Its weather varies greatly due to the complex geography. It enjoys strong sunshine and the daylight hours are long. The temperature differs greatly between day and night. It may be rainy at night in summer and windy in winter and spring. May, June and September are the most suitable time to pay a visit. 

Notice: For foreign passport holders, Chamdo is not open.


Spring & Autumn (April, October)

Better wear light windproof pants, thick sweater, windproof jacket, etc.

Summer (May - September)

Recommend to wear long T-shirt, light coat outside or jacket, casual trousers. At night temperature may become lower, so you can add a thin down jacket.

Winter (November - March)

Warm pants, warm underwear, thick sweaters, waterproof clothing or down jacket are suggested. It is advisable to have masks, sunglasses, gloves, wool hats and cotton socks ready in advance.



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