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8 Tibetan Delicacies

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Tibetan Cuisine are made with various materials and unique characteristics. Tibetan cuisine is a unique part of the entire flavor system of the Chinese nation.

Fried Sheep Lung

Fried sheep lung is commonly seen in Lhasa and other places. Taking the sheep lung as raw material, boil to remove the fishiness after enough cleaning, then cover with flour which is mixed with yak butter. Characteristics of the fried sheep lung are light brown color, crisp outside and soft inside.


Tibetan Blood Sausage

Tibetan blood sausage is a very popular cuisine in Tibet. It is not only mixed with barley tsampa in sheep blood or ox blood, but also mixed with small pieces of ox or sheep heart, liver and other ingredients. This dish is usually prepared in batches by the Tibetan compatriots when the New Year is coming. Each time, when Tibetan butcher sheep, they do not cook the blood of the sheep alone, but make it into blood sausage, which taste very tender and delicious.


Acid Turnip Fried Yak Meat

Acid turnip fried yak meat is very popular. After eating a few more meals in Tibet, and you'll miss something acid. In Tibet, where vegetables are not abundant, the dishes are whether salty or sweet and greasy. Will turn to be better when a dish of acid turnip fried yak meat is coming. It is said that this cuisine had appeared as early as the Tibetan Empire. The acid turnip’s flavor is soft, crisp and refreshing.



Tsampa is a kind of the most traditional and common cuisine in Tibet. Made out of roasted barley flour and butter tea, tsampa is something Tibetans eat almost every day. Tsampa suits the altitude and the Weather in Tibet perfectly as it requires minimal utensils, few ingredients, and very little time to make. The most common way to eat tsampa is by mixing it with butter tea in a bowl and forming it into small oval balls.


Lucky Sheep Head

Traditional Tibetan sheep head refers to lucky in Tibet. In western Tibet, Tibetans must eat it in Tibetan New Year to get the lucky new year.


Tibetan Bread

Tibetans make all sorts of bread. The most common form of bread (pale) is small, thick, and round. Bread is typically eaten with all meals. Special, crispy bread is made during the Tibetan New Year.



In the summer, wild mushrooms grow on the plateau grasslands. Nomads pick these mushrooms while herding yaks and sheep, and then sell them along the road or in town. Mushrooms can be used as filling or their stems can be plucked, a little bit of salt and butter added, and then roasted over the fire.



Now that an increasing variety of food is available in Tibet, eating vegetarian has become an option. While most Tibetans continue to eat a traditional meat diet, many young Tibetans believe that eating vegetarian is in line with their Buddhist beliefs. In the cities, there are many vegetarian options, but outside the city, travelers may want to bring some others food as a supplement. Check the Vegetarian Restaurants in Lhasa.


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