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【Recap】Travel across Himalayas from Kathmandu

Last updated:Nov 18,2022; By: Alice; Hits: 78

Driving from Kathmandu all the way to Everest Base Camp is an epic ride for us as we will experience the amazing landscape in Tibet.

Get to know the mysterious Rongbuk Monastery, see the breath-taking scenery at Everest and feel the bumpy road from Kathmandu to Gyirong border. The landscape on the way will be unforgetable.

It’s hard not to feel awed by one of the nature’s boldest achievement.


Day 1

Today we drove from Kathmandu to the Nepalese border. Along the mountain road, we saw the waterfall, river, gorges, forest on the way.

Please make sure your agent get your invitation letter ready in advance so you can get your Chinese group visa applied when you reach Kathmandu.


Day 2

After crossing the border, today we drove from Gyirong to Tingri. Gyirong is surrounded by lofty snow-capped mountains and dense forests.

I was thinking of driving from the border to Rongbuk Monastery directly. But due to the long drive, we finally decided to stop at Tingri so we can have good rest before proceeding to Everest.


Day 3

Today we drove all the way to Everest Base Camp and visit the Rongbuk Monastery - the highest monastery in the world.


Today we enjoyed the sunset of golden Everest peak.


Day 4

Today we drove from Everest Base Camp back to Gyirong border. My Tibetan guide Tashi woke me up early so we can enjoy the sunrise of the Everest. On the way back, we enjoyed the panorama of Himayala at Jawula Pass.

Before reaching the border town, I saw the Mt. Shishapangma and the Pekutso Lake from distance, which were so beautiful that I cannot forget for my whole life!


Day 5

Today my guide sent me to the border and I took the helicopter back to Kathmandu. Yes helicopter! I would love to experience the adventurous jeep ride again but my guide told me there had been a landslide so helicopter was better for me! Plus I could experience a different view! Isn't is nice and interesting!


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