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The 23rd Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is confirmed to open on Dec.25

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On Dec.22, 2021,  two good news has been received

One : The 23rd Harbin Ice & Snow Festival is confirmed to open at 4pm on Dec. 25

 Harbin has been officially announced as low risk region on Dec.22 on Dec. 25

It is possible for you to spend your Christmas vacation in Harbin now after a long wait and the covid travel ban. Are you excited?

Another good news coming from Xiling Snow Mountain.  Xiling Ski Field is offically announced to be open on Dec. 25, 2021. it is time to go to ski now! 

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the largest and best-equipped alpine ski resort in Southern China. The resort incorporates snow ski, grass ski and other entertainment to create a year-round tourist destination. The resort located at the Xiling Scenic Area boasts charming natural scenery, pleasurable weather condition and easy accessibility. The highway connection with Chengdu makes it very convenient for travelers to reach the resort.

Skiers love Xiling's pure, natural and unspoiled snow and scenery of the snow-blanketed forest. The advanced snowmaking system, high elevation of around 2,200-2.400 meters above sea level and low temperature has resulted in deep snow of over 60 cm. Views of the vast snow-covered forest, undulating countryside are renowned as "oriental Alps" in terms of spectacle.

Xiling's 7 international-standard trails beckon ski-lovers and challenge even hardcore skiers. More than 20 entertainment parks have been built for travelers to enjoy their time at Xiling with other snow related activities.

Another truly unique feature of Xiling is grass skiing. The 50,000-acre lawn is capable of taking grass-bob, grass cross-country mobile, grass hovercraft. Travelers can enjoy activities on grassland during times when the snow is not available. It is a cool summer resort to escape the heat, the highest temperature less than 26 centigrade degree.

The 2,500-meter long rope way connecting the ski glade to the main attractions of the snow mountain allows riders to enjoy the breathtaking sea of clouds, the sun rise, sunshine over snow mountains or forest Buddhist lights.

Xiling Snow MountainXiling Snow Mountain

China Adventure offer frequently running group tours to Harbin Ice & Snow festival tour  and Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

Recommend Tour itinerary for Harbin & Ice Snow festival 

Brief Itinerary
Harbin Arrival
St. Sophia Cathedral
Central Street
Siberian Tiger Park
Sun Island Scenic Area
Ice and Snow World
Songhua River Ice Activities
Heilongjiang Provincial Museum
Harbin Departure

Recommended Tour Xiling Mountain Ski Tour

Please arrive at the Taipingyuan Metro Station (太平洋地铁站) Exit A at 07:50.
The bus will leave at 08:00 sharp.
3-star Hotel in Ski Resort
Drive from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain.

About 120km, 3 hrs driving

Arrive at the Xiling Snow Mountain and take cable car to Yuanyang Pond (鸳鸯池).

Take the shuttle bus to Yingxue Squre (映雪广场) .
Check in the hotel inside the ski resort and the rest time is for you to enjoy the ski or explore the Xiling Snow Mountain.
Take good rest and have breakfast at hotel.

Enjoy the ski or you can explore the Xiling Snow Mountain.
Check out the hotel before 12:00. We will take the shuttle bus to Yuanyang Pond and take the cable car down to the entrance.
Please arrive at the parking lot at 16:50.
The bus will leave at 17:00 sharp
Drive from Xiling Snow Mountain to Chengdu.
About 120km, 2.5 hrs driving.
We will drop you off at Culture Palace Station (文化宫地铁站). Tour ends.

Want to know more details for Harbin Ice & Festival travel and Xiling Snow mountain ski tour, feel free to contact China Adventure for details

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