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Mt.Haba Snow mountain climbing will be temporarily closed from January to April in 2022

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Mt.Haba snow mountain situates in Yunnan province with an elevation of 5396m are one of the favourite climbing Mountains for outdoor lovers. It is a great adventure for those who would love to challenge their first snow mountain climbing experience over 5000m.  Another preferred destination for Mt.Climbing would be Mt.Siguniang, also called Four Girls mountain or Four Sister Mountain which is also referred to be the eastward Apls.

Mt.Haba Snow mountain climbingMt.Haba Snow mountain climbing

Why Mt.Haba Snow mountain climbing will be closed from January to April ?

The weather will be getting very windy which makes the climbing very difficult and also dangerous. So for safety reason, Mt.Haba snow mountain will be temporarily not avaialble. But it will reopen in May when it is considered to be safe to carry out the Climbing.

What's the temporary travel policy for Yunnan?

If you are from low risk region and with health green code and have not been to medium or high risk region of covid, then you visit Yunnan with a 48 hours covid test report.  Mt.Haba Snow mountain are still acessible in December and we have two tour dates that you can choose

Dec. 17  and Dec 24, this will be the last group for Mt.Haba Snow Mountain climbing in Year 2021.  

What snow mountain can be climbed from January to April?

Luckily Mt.Siguniang in western Sichuan are still acessible and able to climbed.  Mt.Sigunaing is the paradrize for outdoor lovers, it consists of 4 mountain peaks and three valleys. The 4 mountain peaks are : Dafeng 5025m,  Erfeng 5276m,  Sanfeng 5355m and Yaomeifeng 6250.    Dafeng , Erfeng and Sanfeng are all possible to climb  but Sanfeng is just like Mt.Haba will also be closed from January to April, howeever, Dafeng and Erfeng will be able to climb whole year around.

What's the best time for Mt.Siguniang climbing for Dafeng and Erfeng?

The best season is from November to January becaus during this season, it's very dry and the weather is always very clear, travelers will get a very good peak view and with less snow, the climbing is also easier.

Some photos for Mt.Sguniang climbing in December

Mt.Siguniang climbingMt.Siguniang climbing

What's the climbing tours are offering now?

Mt.Haba snow mountain climbing in December

Mt.Siguniang Dafeng summit 5025m climbing  on Each Friday

Mt.Siguniang Erfeng Summit 5276m climbing on Each Friday

What should be specially noticed for the climbing?

1. Travelers with heart or lung related disease are not recommended to carry out the trekking

2. If travelers caught a cold before the climbing, also recommended to hold the climbing

3. If you are first time to climb the snow mountains, need to follow the instructions of our tour guide carefully

4. The temperature could drop to minus 20 as the lowest, so warm clothing are certainly needed.

If you want to plan the snow mountain climbing tour whether to Mt.Siguniang or Mt.Haba snow mountain, do feel free to send your inquires with China Adventure

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