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The Geminid Meteor Shower in 2021

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Have you seen the gorgeous view of the Geminid Meteor Shower from 24:00(middle night), Dec.23 to 01:00am, Dec. 24. Such a view!  The Geminid Meteor Shower reached summit from 0:00am to 01:00am on Dec. 24, about 150/hr. Another summit is about 15:00 on Dec.24 but it is daytime so barely can be seen.It is said that if you make a wish when you see a meteor in the sky your wish will be realized. If you see such a meteor shower, how many wishes can be realized

The Geminid Meteor showerThe Geminid Meteor shower

Where you can see the Geminid Meteor Shower?

1.A place far from city centres and away from light pollution. 

2.And a place with good weather and a clear starry sky

3.A Place with vast view platform and no obstacles

What places are recommended for the meteor shower?

1. Tibet

Namtso lake 


Guge Kingdom

2. Western Sichuan



Lugu lake


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain



4.North part of China

Most part of Northern China will be able to see the Geminid Meteor shower if the weather is good, such as Shanxi province, Ningxia , Heilongjiang province,Jilin province, Qinghai province, Gansu province etc.

If  you've already missed the Geminid meteor shower this year, you can plan for next year.  The next Geminid meteor shower will be again falls on Dec. 14, 2022. Plan earlier and make sure you will be able to the geminid meteor shower

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