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Shopping in Hohhot

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The strong folk flavor of Inner-Mongolia gives birth to various unique specialties including the silverwares, carpet, Mongolian knife, horse head string instrument, ox horn handcrafts, cashmere and so on. If you are interested in these handcrafts, the local bazaar, or market will be ideal places.

What to Buy?


Silverwares include bowl, knife, pot and wine vessel. The silverware is finely crafted, vivid in color and traditional ethnic designs. The Mongolian bowl is a jewel among them.


Inner Mongolian Carpet

Inner Mongolian carpet is made of local wool, colored with mineral and plant biased dyes and hand woven. The main categories include natural-colored, archaized, Han Dynasty, and artistic tapestry. In addition, there are various cushions.


Mongolian Knife

Mongolian Knife is the daily products and also the baldric of the Mongolian man. A man without his knife will be looked down. The Mongolian knife is in various categories and all kinds of sculpts. The blade is made of steel while the handle is made of red wood or ox horn. The scabbard is made of gold, silver and copper, carved with patterns such as dragon, tiger, cloud, head of animal, etc. The Camel-shaped Mongolian knife is particularly worth mentioning.


Horse Head String Instrument

Horse head string instrument is a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved like a horse’s head, used by the Mongolians. At the top end of the pole, a horse head holds high fastuously, and two strings stand on each side. The body looks like a courser, while the string like the horsewhip in the shepherd.


Where to Buy:

Zhongshan Road

This road has been called “the First Business Street” in Hohhot. It's home to a group of enterprises from China and abroad and nearly 300 small and middle-sized stores, as well as department stores. The road offers many comfortable shopping experiences. 


Open Fair at Jinqiao Road

The fair is considered the best place to purchase local specialties. Most of them are cheap and cheerful. 

Address: Jinqiao road, Saihan district, Hohhot. 


Wanda Plaza

The plaza sits in Xinhuadong Street and features fashion, entertainment and shopping elements. It has a 1,200-meter indoor pedestrian street. The facility has attracted six billion CNY in investment and covers an area of 1.28 million square meters. It integrates a big shopping mall, five-star hotels, a high-end residence, office buildings, and commercial blocks. It was opened to the public on Nov 5, 2010. 

Address: Xinhuadong street, Hohhot. 


Victory Plaza

This high-end Boutique department store was invested by Victory Group. The plaza gathers together many top fashion brands in an operating area of 210,000 square meters. The establishment of the plaza made Xinhua Street a second business center in Hohhot. 

Address: intersection at Xinhua and Xing'annan streets, Xincheng district.


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