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Three Treasures of Guilin

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Guilin Sanhua Liquor, the fermented bean curd and the chili sauce are considered to be Guilin's three treasures, and are top choices for visitors to try and buy as gifts.

Guilin Sanhua Liquor

Guilin Sanhua Liquor represents the culture of the city. It shows the hospitality of the locals. The wine adoptes the name "Sanhua" (means three flowers) for the fact that it should be brewed three times before the final step. This liquor is transparent and has a mellow and fragrant taste. When having a cup of Sanhua Liquor, you may immediately be a fan of this exotic drinking.


Guilin Chili Sauce

Guilin chili sauce is one of Guilin specialties, with a history of one hundred years, listed as one of Guilin Three Treasures with its freshness and delicious taste, long aftertaste and unique flavor. Famous Huaqiao Chili Sauce in Guilin has more than three hundred years of history, which is quite popular among local citizens and foreign tourists.


Guilin Fermented Bean Curd

Guilin fermented bean curd is the representative of white fermented bean curd. Guilin fermented bean curd has been very famous dating back to the Song Dynasty. It is made from soybean, characterized by thin skin, tender meat and fine texture. 


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