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Guilin Food Street Guide

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In addition to some tourist hot spots, you can consider to choose a food street to feel the charm of Guilin's food. This article will guide you to the most famous food streets in Guilin.

Shangshui Food Street

The Shangshui Food Street, known as "the first snack street of Guilin", located in the west side of the Sheraton Hotel, close to North Binjiang Road.

The positioning of Shangshui Food Street is food culture and leisure, collecting both Chinese and foreign local characteristics snacks and combine with today's consumption trend to show the charm of food culture.


Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

This is the most lively and popular pedestrian street in the center of Guilin, located on the central axis of Jingjiang King City. You can enjoy authentic dishes and Guilin characteristic flavor snacks here. There are a variety of exotic delicacies. After dinner, walking to Lijiang Waterfall Hotel to enjoy great falls is also a good choice.


Wen Ming Gong Food Street

Wen Ming Gong Food Street is a rising star in food street, adjacent to Shangshui Food Street, with the Fucheng Shopping Mall as the center, surrounded by a number of small food restaurants. The Hong Kong-style "Lao Biao Ji" is very spicy and fresh.


West Street

Yangshuo West Street is an old street located in the town center, with a history of more than 1400 years. In this street there are all kinds of souvenirs and snacks. Visitors can enjoy the quiet environment and the unique charm of leisure time, and enjoy the romantic story and exotic feeling here.


Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street

Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street combines catering, entertainment and shopping in one. Snacks, local specialty, apparel, boutiques, etc, are scattered along the street. The busiest time is in the evening, when the night falls. The pedestrian street becomes a night market, all kinds of accessories, goods, and the production craft stalls showing up to light up your nightlife.


Binjiang Road Foods Street

There are a lot of night restaurants along Binjiang Road, such as Li River Fish Hotpot, Jiang’s Barbecue, Wangcheng Vinegar and Blood Duck. 


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