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Famous Snack Bars in Guilin

Last updated:Nov 16,2022; By: Cindy; Hits: 101

Beside Guilin rice noodles, there are still many snacks in Guilin worth trying. We will list some famous and popular snack bars in Guilin so you know where to try them.

Authentic Deep-fry Barbecue

Highlight: It's a very shabby shop but it doesn't affect people's love for it, so the shop is always crowded. This barbecue of this shop is very spicy, oil and hot.

Add: No.7 Yiren Road


Haitian Steamed Vermicelli Roll

Highlight: It is famous and time-honored restaurant. It ONLY sells fresh-made Steamed vermicelli roll after you order. Many people are willing to line up for hours just to buy it.

Add: First lane of Taiping Road (close to Jiefang West Road)


King of Rice Cake

The shop is old and not outstanding, but is very popular among local foodies, especially during the Dragon Boat Festival. It's cheap and keeps offering different tastes for years.

Add: First lane of Taiping Road (close to Jiefang West Road), Xiufeng District


Escargots Girl

It is chain shop in Guilin and can be seen almost everywhere. The shop pays a lot attention to the cleanness and tidiness. Customers eating the escargots with plastic gloves is an interesting scene to see on streets.

Add: Downstairs of Sichuan Girl Hot Pot Town in Yigao Digital Square, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Xiufeng District


Bai’s Wonton Restaurant

Bai’s Wonton Restaurant is located in the Xicheng Pedestrian Street. It has varieties of cuisines and tastes. You can choose to take away but it’s strongly suggested to eat immediately in the shop as the taste may be ruined after long-time’s waiting.

Add: No.1 Chongshan Road


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