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A Bite of Guilin

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In Guilin, you can do more than just enjoying the beautiful scenery. As a world-famous tourist city, besides the visual enjoyment, the taste experience is also indispensable.

Make Bamboo Rice

The production of bamboo rice reflects the wisdom of Yao’s people fully. We use fresh bamboo with the unique water taken from the mountains, which have the fragrance of bamboo. Put the glutinous rice, fungus, bacon and other foods into the bamboo, and seal it and on the fire to bake it.


Drink in Landscape of the Li River

An old poem said “The drunken man does not care about the wine, but about the mountains and rivers”, so in the beautiful landscape of the Li River, it seems a pity not to drink. Just image immersing yourself in beauty scenery like an ancient poet.


Pick the Purple Grape

If you want to pick grape, the best recommendation vineyard is in Xin’an. Walking inside the yard, looking at the purple grapes above, it’s a quite interesting experience to pick the grapes in the garden. Imagine the sweet taste and feel the fun of farming that you couldn’t get in the city.


Drink Coffee in Old House

In the traditional mind, old houses are always suitable for drinking tea, while coffee seems to be more suitable for the cafe. The Chinese architectural style and the western lifestyle is combination perfectly here.


Quietly Taste the Osmanthus Tea

You can almost see Osmanthus trees everywhere in Guilin. The smell of Osmanthus tea is attractive. It has the aroma of both flower and tea, and it color is beautiful as well. It’s said that Osmanthus efficacy is great, making a good choice if you want to buy some gifts for the seniors in your family.


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