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Mt.Siguniang Weather in July

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July is of Summer season including Western Sichuan, Compared to Winter and Spring, there will be more rainfall, however, at high altitude place like western Sichuan, it is not going to rain for a whole day and it is quite common to see the one side with big sunshine and the otherside is with heavy rains! 

For Mt.Siguniang, travelling there in July or August, you will expect to see a lot of flowers decorating the valley than other times. If you love nature and flowers and would like to take some great pictures with cloud sea, this perhaps would be best season for you to visit Mt.Siguniang.

Flower at Mt.SiguniangFlower at Mt.Siguniang

Mt.Siguniang Weather in July

There is no big temperature difference between June and July, it is from 13 ℃ to  25 ℃ in general. 30% of chance, there will be rainfall and thus will also be cloudy.  The cloud sea at the mountain peak is quite impressive! It is not easy to  get high altitude sickness in July because Oxygen occupany in the air is among the highest in the year.

Cloud sea at Mt.SiguniangMt.Siguniang

Clothing Tips for July

Sweat shirt and pants

Warm jackets

Raincoat or umbrella


Sunglasses or sport glasses

Gloves - thin and thick one

Trekking boots

a big backpack and a small backpack

Camera and extra battery

Charing po

lip balm

Recommended travel program

If you're only intersted in sightseeing for Changping and Shuangqiao valley 3 and a half day is recommended with a program like the bellowing:

D1 Arrive in Sigunaing town(3200m)

D2 Sightseeing in Shuangqiao Valley with eco sightseeing shuttle bus

D3 One day tour in Changping Valley

D4 Drive back to Chengdu (4hrs driving). On the way, can make a stop at Wolong Panda breeding centre or Yingxiu town

If you would like to challenge your first snow mountain climbing experience. 4 to 5 day are recommended

D1 Arrive in Siguniang town 3200m

D2 One day accclimatizing

D3 Climb to Base camp ( Dafeng/Erfeng/Sanfeng, up to your choice )

D4 Climb up to the summit of Dafeng/Ereng/Safeng (up to your choice) and overnight at Sigunaing town

D5 Leave for Chengdu 

If your shedule is tight and get acclimatized well, the above program can be shorted to 2 and a half day.

Mt.Siguniang Base CampMt.Siguniang

Tips for avoiding high altitude sickness

If your shedule is flexible, it is recommeded for you to spend extra 1 or 2 nights at Siguniang town ( Rilong town) -elevation of 3200m for better acclimatization.  Take dose of Rhodiola tablets (红景天)or Diamox would help to acclimatize, however need to check if you're allergic to some ingredients in advance.  

It is recommended to take the first 1 or 2 days slowly at Siguniang tow, do not do strong excerise and no alcohol.  It is important rest well and eat well at high altitude place.  Do not think about high altitude sickness whole day~

Transport to Mt.Siguniang

Mt.Siguniang is only 4 hours driving from Chengdu. No flight or trains available but only by driving. It is possible to take public bus at Chadianzi bus station(茶店子汽车站) about 4- 5hrs driving, there are 3 bus dailys leaves in the early morning, no afternoon bus available.  Or you can hire a private car to drive there any time during the day.  But it is always recommended to drive there at morning time so you can have more  to acclimatize during the day. China provide the car rental service, you can contact trip advisor  for details.

Food and hotels at Mt.Siguniang

Hotels at Mt.Siguniang

Compared to the hotel in the cities, the facilites is quite basic~ The best hotels can only be camparable to 3 star hotel in the cities but it is possible to book a clean and nice hotel- no luxury standard.  When in winter time and spring time, it is important to book a hotel with proper heating system!  In Summer time, it is not so cold, so without heating it is also fine.

Food in Mt.Siguniang

The restaurants at Siguniang town  normally offer Sichuan dishes  and some Tibetan dishes!   Local mush room and Yak hotpot is really good.

Overall speaking, it's okay to visit Mt.Siguniang in July ! The valley full of flower and the cloud sea at Mt.peak is quite a view! Travelling to Mt.Sigunaing in July is not easy for altitude reaction as the oxygen occupancy rate is very high.

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