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Xinjiang New Orient Express train 2024 & 2025Timetable and price

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China Xinjiang New Orient Express 2024 & 2025 is available to book for now

New Orient express has been fully upgraded since year 2020. It improved privacy, stablity and vibration damping, further equipped with large window for sightseeing along the corridor. It is equipped with largest bathroom with wet and dry seperation facilities compared to other luxury trains in China with western toilets available. Every room is equipped with van control panel and each bed is facilitated with USB outlet and five core plug.

Xinjiang New Orient Express train 2024

Apart from international luxury standard facility , it also provide five-star service - same level with five-star hotel.

Golden diamond room- new orient express 2024Blue diamond room- new orient express 2024

There are two kinds of rooms available : Golden Diamond room and Luxury Diamond room. This train greatly use the night time to travel on the way and day time for sightseeing

New Orient Express train 2024New Orient Express train 2024

About Golden Diamond room

Note : Golden diamond room for year 2024 dates are all sold out already, only blue diamond room available now(Nov.02,2023),New Orient Express train 2025 is open for booking

There are 4 golden diamond rooms in each carraged, recommend for 2 pax to stay in one room (10 ㎡). Each room is with large sightseeing window and luxury matress (1.5m * 2m), there will be desk ,closet, safe box and private attached bath room with wet and dry seperation.

golden diamond room-new orient express train 2024golden diamond room-new orient express train 2024

About Luxury Blue Diamond room

There will be 7 blue diamond rooms in each carriage. Recommend for 2 to 4 person to stay in room  ( Upper bank can be pushed again the walls and night time to be streched out for bedding, but 2 persons to stay is more comfortable)

Bottom bunk  (0.9m *1.95m)

Upper bunk (0.7m *1.82m)

No private bath room attached for blue diamond room but there will be public bathroom at the two ends of each carriage. There will also be fridge in each carraige. Each room is equipped with audio, light controlller, bells for room service.

blue diamond room- new orient express 2024blue diamond room- new orient express 2024

About Laundry service

Paid Laundry service is available, just need to contact house keeper on the train and drop back to you after laundry

Xinjiang New Orient Express 2024Xinjiang New Orient Express 2024

About Food on New Orient Express train

There will be dinning carriage on the train , designed for each 4 perons a dinning table. Each meal will have 6 dishes and 1 room, beers and soft drinks without limits.  Each dinning carriage will have 12 tables so could accommodate 48 persons to dine at the same time.  For guests stay in golden diamond room could order meals and dine in the room.

About logistic of Chiense New Orient Express train

There are 16 carriages in total with 50 staff of service. Each carriage will have special house keeper to be ready at your service. Bath room will have 24 hours running hotwater.

China Xinjiang New Orient Express train shedule 2024

There is always high demand for Golden diamond room with private attached bathroom. Ususally when the dates are confirmed , itinerary is not 100%confirmed yet, booking for golden diamond room already accepted, when the product finally launch into market, there are only blue diamond rooms left.

Xinjiang New Orient Express train 2024 Timetable and price

It is a long process to publish the Chinese New Oriental Express train 2024 journey as need to cooridiates with Chinese railway department and all the current running train (usual trains, high speed trains etc) to make sure it is not in conflict with any train route and time and itinerary is perfectly designed for the guest to enjoy the view at most degree. We have already successfully bid  for the bellowing dates to run Chinese Xinjiang New Orient Express 2024 for the bellowing dates

Start Dates

Ending date

Main sites


March 19March 29Urumqi/Ruoqiang/Kashgar/Taxkorgan11 Day

April 07

April 16


10 days

April 18

April 24


7 days

April 26

May 05


11 days

May 07

May 19


13 days

May 21

June 02


13 Days

June 05

June 17


13 days

June 20

July 01


12 days

July 03

July 15


13 days

July 18

July 29


12 Days

August 01

August 13


13 days

August 29

September 10


13 days

September 12

September 23


12 days

September 25

October 07


13 days

October 09

October 18


12 days

October 20

October 30


11 days

December 22

January 01, 2025


11 days

Xinjiang New Orient Express train 2025 Booking!

Please kindly note: Golden diamond room for year 2024 are already booked out already, so China New Orient Express Xinjiang 2025 also open for blind booking

There will be one or two train each month! In order to secure your place much in advance, a deposit of CNY 12000/Person is required to 100% guarantee your place on the train.  When the New Orient express 2025 finally published, if you do not like the itinerary, you can choose

Option 1 : Cancel the booking and get full refund

Option 2: Choose to proceed the booking with full payment

That's the most secured way to lock your seats on China New Orient Express train for Xinjiang 2025

How to place the booking?


Wechat:+ 86 15198028734

WhatsApp:+ 86 135 5008 4402

If you would like to have golden diamond room with private attached bathroom, you can contact us to place the booking now to ensure your availability, some seats booked already. So when it is ready to be launched into the market, your seat for the golden room is already locked.   If you would like to have blue diamond room, you can wait for exact itinerary to be published into the market (maybe at the end of this year).

How to place the booking

Send email

Add wechat : 15198028734

Add whatsapp:+86 13550084402

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