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Chinese visa is a permit issued by a Chinese visa authority to a non-Chinese citizen to enter, leave or transit within the territory of China. According to bilateral agreements signed or concluded between China and relevant countries. Certain countries that meet certain conditions can go to China visa-free.

Validity of Visa
A single-entry Chinese visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, a double entry visa, 6 months. A China visa holder must enter China before the expiration date for the visa to remain valid.

Visa Application
1. Passport: Provide valid for six months or more passport or certificates that can replace the passport.
2. Photo: The recent 2-inch(48mm×33mm) half-length, full-front bareheaded photo.
3. Visa Application Form: Fill in the visa application form and submit.
4. Submit certificates related to the purposes of entry and transit.
Notice: If you apply in a third country, you should also submit proof of a legal stay or residence permit, namely the original and copy of a valid visa, or the remaining of a certificate, residence, employment or student status, or other valid documents provided by the relevant authorities to maintain the law of a third country.

Type of Visa
In accordance with their status and the types of passports they hold, different aliens coming to China shall be issued diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visas respectively.
Ordinary visas are classified into the following categories, and the corresponding Chinese phonetic alphabet is marked on the visa:

1) C Visa (Crewmember Visa):  Issued to international train attendants, crew members of international aircraft, crew members of international ships and their accompanying family members, and drivers engaged in international road transport.
2) D Visa (Residence Visa):  Issued to persons entering the country for permanent residence
3) F Visa (Business Visa):  Issued to those foreigners who are invited to China for visit, research, lecture, business, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges or short-term advanced studies or intern practice for a period of less than six months.
4) G Visa (Transit Visa):  Issued to those who transit through China.
5) J-1 Visa (Journalist Visa):  Issued to resident foreign journalists of foreign news organizations resident in China.
6) J-2 Visa (Journalist Visa): Issued to foreign journalists who enter the country for short-term reporting.
7) L visa (Tourism Visa): Issued to those who enter China temporarily for touring, family visiting or other personal affairs (multiple-entry is not granted for this category).
8) X-1 Visa (Study / Student Visa): Issued to those who apply for long-term (longer than 180 days) study in China.
9) X-2 Visa (Study / Student Visa): Issued to those who apply for short-term (shorter than 180 days) study in China.
10) Z Visa (Working Visa): Issued to foreigners who are to take up a post or employment in China, and their accompanying family members.

Duration of Stay
A Chinese visa holder may not stay longer than the prescribed period of stay without applying for an extension of the visa.

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