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Chinese Cheongsam(Qipao)

Chinese Cheongsam, the traditional dress of Chinese women in China and the world, is known as the quintessence of Chinese culture and women's national dress. Although its definition and the time of its creation are still controversial, it is still one of the most gorgeous phenomena and forms in the long Chinese costume culture.

Cheongsam is a garment most westerners associate with China. It was a long, short-sleeved, tight dress with an opening on one side, a round neck (an upright collar around the neck) and a tie on the right side of the upper chest. Cheongsam, also known as the Qipao, is considered the national costume of Hong Kong, a major island off the coast of China. Although outsiders think it is a typical Chinese dress, in fact it represents a fusion of Chinese and western clothing styles.
Cheongsam first appeared shortly after the fall of the Qin Dynasty in 1911, which had ruled China since 1644. China was isolated during the Qin Dynasty, but it soon modernized politically and economically. Women in particular began to have more freedom. They wanted to modernize their clothes so that they could have more freedom and comfort. But they  didn’t want to just adopt western clothing.  Cheongsam represented a compromise As it used traditional Chinese fabrics, such as silk, including a traditional collar and lace-up on the right.

After a hundred years of evolution, with the change of people's life style and aesthetic taste, Cheongsam deduced a variety of colorful styles. In the golden age of Cheongsam development in the 1930s and 1940s, the styles varied a lot and were very rich. Cheongsam lapel, collar, sleeve, skirt and other parts of the style were  different: lapel round, square, long lapel, Shanghai collar, treasure collar, low collar. The sleeves had long sleeves, short sleeves, big sleeves, flower sleeves, and bell-shaped inverted sleeves, in the sleeve set, embroidery, rolling, swinging a variety of patterns. Hemlines in addition to the length of the change, but also increased the shape of the fishtail, wavy hemlines.

Cheongsam can be worn on formal occasions and in daily life. On formal occasions, a good set of fabrics, the color should be bright; the design should be decent; the style should be traditional; the workmanship should be fine. When wearing it, people should fasten all the buttons and have a certain hairstyle and makeup. For example, at Chinese weddings, many brides choose to wear red cCheongsam when toasting with guests. Fashionable style and delicate style are the choice of the ladies at the party. Daily wear has no specific requirements. When wearing Cheongsam, you can wear some simple accessories, such as brooch and so on.

Why Do Chinese People Like to Wear Cheongsam?
The main reason is that it is very suitable for Chinese women's figure with simple lines and looks very elegant. What's more, it suits to be worn in any season by the old and the young. Cheongsam can be long or short with different materials like wool and silk. . In addition, Cheongsam presents different styles  for various occasions. The Cheongsam made of silk has florets, plaid or fine lines, showing the charm and poise of women. Brocade products, gorgeous and dazzling, are suitable for the reception, banquets and other occasions. When Chinese Cheongsam went on sale in countries such as Japan and France, it was warmly welcomed by local women, who did not hesitate to buy Chinese Cheongsam, especially the top-class ones made of black velvet lining or carved gold flowers. Cheongsam has a strong ethnic flavor, embodies the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing. It not only represents the Chinese women's clothing, but also becomes the symbol of the oriental traditional clothing. In contemporary China, the cheongsam is still very popular.

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