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Snow Watching in Beijing

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Beijing after snow is a totally different city. The snow raises the veil of the ancient history of Beijing. If you come to Beijing in winter, these places below would be a good choice for you to experience the special moment.

Beijing after Snow

Forbidden City

Covered by white snow, Forbidden City suddenly draws you back to the ancient Chinese dynasty. The red walls, blue plaques and white snows make a fascinating picture of your dreamy Forbidden City. Book a  Beijing Classic City Day Tour will be suitable for you if you are interested in the Beijing culture.

Forbidden City in Winter Forbidden City in Winter

Jingshan Mountain

Jingshan Mountain is the highest peak in Beijing. The majority of trees on the mountain are pine and cypress. After a snowfall, these evergreen trees will be covered by fluffy “white blanket”. If you climb to the Jingshan Wanchun Pavilion, the panorama view of the Forbidden City is exceptionally asthonishing.

Jingshan Mountain in Snow Jingshan Mountain in Snow

Xishan Mountain

Xishan Mountain is the nearest national forest park in Beijing. It has the famous Fragrance Hills, Biyun Monastery and Beijing Botanical Garden in it. The snow sceneat Xishan Mountain is quite wonderful with the variety of plants.

Xishan Mountain

Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan Great Wall is located in the northwest of Nankou Town, Changping District. It stands on the south side of the Badaling Great Wall. Juyongguan Great Wall after snow becomes a silver world, quiet and holy.

Juyongguan Great Wall

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