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Top 1 Sightseeing Place in Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,848.13 meters' altitude, is also called Qomolangma in Tibetan, meaning "Holy Mother". It enjoys the fame of "the ridge of the world" and the third pole in the world. It is shaped like a pyramid and lies on the border of China and Nepal, capped with snow year-around.

Pilgrims trek long distances to present a pious worship, climbing enthusiasts run great risks to challenge its high altitude and the common visitors also yearn for a reverent look at this holy peak.

As the supreme point of the world, Qomolangma is also blessed with many extreme wonders. The top part of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. When the glaring sun shines on the mountain, the peak is just like a white pyramid. More often than not, the thick freely moving clouds and fogs, seeming as if a flag with the mast of the peak was swinging, will shroud the peak. This peculiar phenomenon is known as 'Flag Cloud'. An additional wonder generated here are the glaciers, where ices are formed into various shapes like bridges, pagodas and others. The glaciers and valleys surround the peak are in a radial shape, 18 of which are over 10km in length. Endless rows of icy towers are at the root of Qomolangma. They are a unique glacier form that are best preserved in the world. You can also find miles of efflorescent rock physiognomy there, such as stalagmites, stone sword and stone pagodas. The climbing pathfinders call this splendor at such high attitude 'the Largest Park on the High Mountain'.

The height of Mount Everest, keep in mind that the whole Himalaya Mountain Range is rising continuously due to the India plate continuously smashing into the Euro-Asian plate at the speed of 0.508cm per year.

Climbing Mount Everest is very challenging. Only those who can endure the adverse weather and experienced climbers should venture onto its slopes. The area is frequently beset with sudden storms, snow, wind and the weather may change quickly in a day. Only the periods between early March and late May, along with early September and late October are fit for climbing, among which less than 20 days are actually fine.

If you want to experience the Everest trek, the classic route Old Tingri-Everest trekking tour would be worth trying. If you are looking for a tour to Everest with economic price, joining in the Everest Base Camp tour would be the best option for you! By the way, if you are visiting Everest, please pay close attention to the Altitude Sickness since you are going to the highese place in Tibet..

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