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【News】 My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars | Everest

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13:00, May 6, 2020

The Survey Mountaineering Team started to head for the summit from Everest Base Camp(5200m) to measure the new height.

Far View of Everest

Preparations Made by the Team

There are 30 members from the team. If this expedition succeeds, it would be the first time that both Surveying & Mapping Team and the Mountaineering Team reach the summit of Everest together!

Survey Mountaineering Team Survey Mountaineering Team

Interview of the Captain

“According to the weather forecast, today is quite suitable. Our team will take about 5-6 days to reach the resting area. We have made preparations since March 5, so we are quite ready! Based on the current situation, our team is in good condition."

Introduction of Everest

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,848.13 meters' altitude, is also called Qomolangma in Tibetan, meaning "Holy Mother". It enjoys the fame of "the ridge of the world" and the third pole in the world. It is shaped like a pyramid and lies on the border of China and Nepal, capped with snow year-around.

Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp

Trip to Everest Base Camp

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