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Chinese Visa Renewal and Extension Service

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Generally speaking, once a Chinese visa is issued, it is impossible to renew, extend or change the visa. If you want to continue studying or working in China,  you need to apply for a Chinese visa extension. How to apply for such services in China, and what are the requirements?

How to Extend or Renew Chinese Visa?

1. Materials to be prepared in advance include: passport, recent passport style photo, registration form of temporary accommodation, proof of reason for extension or renewal of Chinese visa, valid passport or other international travel document.

2. Complete visa/residence permit/residence permit application form, recent bust, white background, bareheaded, front 2-inch color photo.

3. Valid registration of accommodation provided by the applicant at the police station or hotel of the place of his/her current residence.

4. If you apply for extension of tourist visa, you should submit the tour itinerary.

5. Group travelers must provide documents issued by Beijing travel agency. Supporting documents should explain the information about group travelers and arrangements if visa extensions are required.

6. Other supporting documents required by the immigration department.

7. Under normal circumstances, the applicant should submit the application in person to the Exit-entry Administration Office of the Public Security Bureau.

8. Upon arrival, please fill out the visa application form and attach your photo. Then submit the application.

Under the following circumstances, the applicant may entrust another person or an agency to handle the matter on his behalf:

1. The applicant is under the age of 16 or over 60 or has difficulty in moving.

2. This is not the applicant's first visit to China and he/she has a good record of staying.

3. An entity or individual is invited to sponsor the applicant's visit.

Extension of "L" Visa

1. Travel

Passengers who come to China with "L" visa and are unable to leave the country during the validity period of the visa may apply for an extension with their valid passports, valid for no more than one month.

2. Visit Relatives in One of China's Cities

1) Foreigners (Having foreign nationalities) come to china for visit relatives with "L" visa, which should be maintained within the validity period of the visa. If the visa needs to be maintained after this period of time, an extension procedure must be processed.

2) Visiting parents' spouse (mother), grandparents, children, brothers (sisters), uncles, aunts, etc. should provide the original and copy of the household registration certificate of the visited person, which can be extended twice, each time not more than 3 months.

3) Children under 16 years of age must provide copies of both parents' foreign passports (resident certificates).

3. International Students

Hold the office letter for international students, passport and residence permit for international students, and apply within the validity period of the residence permit for 90 days each time.

4. Critical patients

Bring with medical certificates of critical condition provided by hospitals to apply for extension.



1. Applicants will be asked to be interviewed.

2. The above materials shall be verified in original and a copy shall be submitted.

3. All application materials in foreign languages (except English) shall be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company before submission.

4. Those who have not had their Chinese registered permanent residence cancelled shall file an application after the cancellation.

5. If the Exit and Entry Administration Department considers it necessary, it shall submit the relevant cancellation certificate issued by the local police station where the registration is made.

6. Foreigners under the age of 18 who apply in China for the first time must submit a birth certificate, a parent's passport and an overseas residence certificate.

7. Processing time :7 working days, if the application materials are complete.

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