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Macau SAR Visa Application

Except for persons specified in certain laws and the administrative regulations or documents of international law, non-residents of the Macao Special Administrative Region must hold valid passports and "entry permits" or "visas" in order to enter Macao.

Basic Documents Required:
1. Your valid passport.
2. A complete visa application form Download Macau SAR Visa Application   .
3. The recent 2-by-2-inch photo you took (pasted on the application form).
4. You may also be required to provide documents that can prove your financial status and document of transportation and accommodation arrangement in Macau.
5. One-way or two-way exit permit or other travel document issued by the authorities of the People's Republic of China;
6. Hong Kong permanent identity card or re-entry permit;
7. Other documents provided for by law or by international treaties that apply to the Macao Special Administrative Region;
8. Other valid travel documents;
9. Nationals or citizens of countries or regions with which the Macao Special Administrative Region has concluded passport-free entry and exit agreements.

Limit of Stay Granted upon Arrival
The maximum limit of stay in the Macao Special Administrative Region shall be 30 days before the expiry of a passport or travel document and an entry or re-entry permit.
The above provisions shall not apply to mainland residents who have permission granted by the authorities to the People's Republic of China, and shall not apply to individuals who intend to stay temporarily in Macao to proceed to another destination, guaranteed to be permitted to any country or territory.
Individuals who are not granted a visa or an entry permit will be granted a visa, an entry permit or an entry and stay authorization for up to 30 days. They can enter the country multiple times within 30 days without having to apply for a "visa", an "entry permit" or a "residence permit".

Visa-Free Countries:
1.  Nationals of 79 countries and regions enjoy visa-free visits to Macao Special Administrative Region, for details, please check Macau Visa-free List.
2. Nationals of Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have to apply for visas for Macao SAR of China prior to their travel.
3. National from countries other than the above 79 countries may choose to apply for visas for Macao SAR prior to their travel, or make a visa-upon-arrival (entry permit) application upon their arrival at Macao.

Processing Time:
Routine: 5 working days (for applications not related to Macao Immigration Department);About 3 weeks (Macao Immigration Department-related applications)
Rapid Service: 3 working days (for applications not related to Macao Immigration Department only)
Emergency Service: same day or next working day (for applications not related to Macao Immigration Department only)

Visa Fees:

Type Fee
Individual MOP100(USD12.53)
Family Passport MOP200(USD25.08)
Children under the age of 12 MOP50(USD0.63)
Groups comprised of at least 10 people organized by a single travel manager and presenting a collective travel document MOP50(USD0.63) per person
Notice: An individual who has paid an entry permit fee may enter Hong Kong several times during the permitted period of stay (up to 30 days) without further payment of any fee.

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