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Hongkong SAR Visa Application

A visa is usually a mandatory procedure for visitors entering a country. However, most tourists do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong.
There are nearly 200 countries/regions which enjoy the visa-free policy to Hong Kong for a certain time.
Apart from the countries in the list , other countries need a visa to enter Hong Kong.

1. Your valid passport or travel document for your passport.
2. Complete the visa application formDownload HK-Visa-Application-Form   ).
3. Your recent photo (pasted on the application form).
4. Photocopy of proof of your financial position, e.g. bank statement, savings account passbook, tax receipt, etc., and proof of employment (if any), e.g. company holiday letter, payroll etc.
5. Photocopy of proof of transport arrangements, such as flight routes.
6. Photocopy of documentary proof of intended visit to Hong Kong, such as package tour receipt, itinerary arrangement, etc. (for leisure travel only).
7. Photocopy of documentary proof of intended travel to the next destination after Hong Kong, itinerary, etc. (for transit only).
8. Photocopy of the proposed business visit to Hong Kong, such as letter from the applicant's employment company confirming that he/she proposed business activities in Hong Kong, letter from a local company confirming the applicant's attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions, etc. (for business access only).
9. Photocopy of proof of relationship with local sponsor (for visiting relatives only).
10. Photocopy of documentary proof of intended visit to Hong Kong (for purposes other than travel, transit, business or family visit).

Visa-Free Countries:
Nationals of 162 countries and regions enjoy visa-free visits to Hongkong Special Administrative Region, for details, please check Hong Kong Visa-free List
Except for visa-free countries, a visa or entry permit is not required if an individual hold any of the following travel documents.
1. Hong Kong SAR passport
2. British national (overseas) passport
3. Hong Kong identity card
4. Hong Kong re-entry permit (entry to the mainland of China and the Macao Special Administrative Region only).
5. Hong Kong seaman's identity book
6. Hong Kong document of identity for visa purposes which is valid or whose limit of stay in Hong Kong has not expired.
7. A travel document containing one of the following endorsements:
(1)The holder's eligibility for a Hong Kong permanent identity card has been verified or the holder of this travel document shall have the right to land in Hong Kong.
(2)Hong Kong permanent identity card.

1. All citizens, including those on transit flights or living in restricted areas of the airport, are required to hold a valid Hong Kong visa upon arrival in Hong Kong.
2. All citizens (other than holders of diplomatic and public affairs passports), including those on connecting flights or staying in airport restricted areas, are required to hold valid Hong Kong visas on arrival in Hong Kong.
3. Diplomatic and public affairs passport holders can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without a visa.

From Hong Kong to Neighboring Chinese Cities:
For travel from Hong Kong to mainland Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Zhuhai, the passport is valid for 60 days and the visa application and travel document requirements are the same as for visitors arriving from Beijing and Shanghai.

Forbidden Things for Visa-free Visitors in Hong Kong
1. No salary to work in Hong Kong.
2. Establish an enterprise or participate in any business activities
3. Study in local schools in Hong Kong
4. In addition, visa-free passengers cannot change their identity in Hong Kong except under special circumstances.

Visa Fee:
1. HKD 160 for Ordinary Visa
2. HKD 84 for Transit Visa
3. HKD 170 for Ordinary Visa and HKD 90 for Transit visa if issued by the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing.

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