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Ethnic Groups in China

China is a multi-ethnic country composed of 56 nationalities. Since the majority of the population (91.6%) is Han Nationality, the other 55 ethnic groups in China are traditionally referred to as ethnic minorities, with about 105 million people, mainly in the northwest, north, northeast, south and southwest, but some in the central region....

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Zhuang Nationality

Zhuang ethnic group is one of the earliest recognized ethnic groups in China. It is the second largest ethnic group among the 56 ethnic groups and the most populous ethnic group in China and also the largest ethnic minority group with a long history and splendid culture in China....

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Uygur Nationality

"Uygur" is a self-proclaimed ethnic group, which generally means "unity" and "assistance". Uygur is a multi-source ethnic group, which has two main sources: one is from the Mongolian grasslands of the Hui Nationality; and the other is from the southern oasis of the indigenous people....

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Miao Nationality

Miao people, an ancient ethnic group, are scattered all over the world, mainly distributed in Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hubei, Sichuan and Guangdong provinces, as well as the countries and regions in southeast Asia, such as Laos, Vietnam and Thailand....

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Mongol Nationality

Mongol Nationality, a traditional nomadic people, is mainly distributed in east region, is one of China's Ethnic Minorities, and is also the main body of Mongolian Nationality. Mongolian people lived on the grassland and animal husbandry....

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Manchu Nationality

The total population of the Manchu people is 106,82,000 (2000), ranking second among the 55 ethnic minorities in China. In 1644, Qing army entered the pass and gradually unified the whole country. From then on, Manchu aristocracy began to rule the whole country....

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Hui Nationality

Hui Nationality, short for Hui, has a population of 9.8 million and is one of the most populous and widely distributed ethnic minorities in China. In terms of politics, economy and culture, many outstanding figures emerged in the history of the Hui Nationality, which made positive contributions to the people's life and production construction at that time....

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Han Nationality

Han Nationality is the main ethnic group in China. It is the descendant of the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor in ancient times. "Han" originally refers to Tianhe, the Milky Way of the universe. Han people were named after the Han Dynasty in China. ...

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Tibetan Nationality

Tibetans are one of the 56 ethnic groups in China and are indigenous to the Tibetan plateau. In China, it is mainly distributed in Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province and western Sichuan Province, Diqing of Yunnan Province, Gannan of Gansu Province and other areas. Lhasa is a holy place in the hearts of Tibetans....

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