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Chinese porcelain refers to porcelain made in China. In English, "Porcelain" is the same as "China". China is the hometown of porcelain, which is an important creation of ancient working people. ...

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Chinese embroidery, also known as silk embroidery and needle embroidery, is one of the outstanding traditional Chinese crafts. China is the first country in the world to discover and use silk. People started raising silkworms and reeling silk four or five thousand years ago....

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Traditional Kite

Kites were invented by the Chinese. It is said that Mo Zhai made wooden birds kites out of wood and developed them in three years. It is the origin of the earliest kites of human beings. Later his student Lu Ban improved it with bamboo. ...

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Lacquer Ware

Chinese lacquer ware is an important invention in chemical process, arts and crafts in ancient China. The original wares in China were those coated with black and red lacquers. Since the Neolithic Age, Chinese have known the properties of paint and used it to make machines. ...

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Silk is a general term for a fabric made of pure or woven silk or rayon. It is a special product of China. The ancient Chinese laboring people invented and produced silk products on a large scale, which opened the first large-scale commercial exchange between east and west in the world history, and was known as the Silk Road in history....

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Pottery is a utensil made of clay that has been shaped and fired. Pottery has a long history. In the Neolithic Age, there has been some simple rough potteries. ...

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Chinese calligraphy is a unique visual art, and Chinese characters are an important factor in Chinese calligraphy, because Chinese calligraphy is produced and developed in Chinese culture, and Chinese characters are one of the basic elements of Chinese culture. ...

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Paper Cutting

Chinese paper cutting is a kind of folk art that uses scissors or carving knife to cut patterns on paper for decorating life or other folk activities. In China, paper-cutting has a broad mass base and is an important part of various folk activities....

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