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Traditional Kite

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Kites were invented by the Chinese. It is said that Mo Zhai made wooden birds kites out of wood and developed them in three years. It is the origin of the earliest kites of human beings. Later his student Lu Ban improved it with bamboo. Mo Zhai's kite material evolved into today's multi-line kite.

Development of Chinese Traditional Kite

Chinese kites originated in the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC). The deft craftsman Lu Ban was said to be the inventor. His invention was named after the bird "Yuan", which resembles an eagle with a long, usually forked tail and long, pointed winds. He made a kite out of thin sticks of wood or bamboo.

After Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), paper was introduced into kite making, replacing wood and bamboo. Therefore, the kite is called "Zhi Yuan", "Zhi" means paper in Chinese. During Five Dynasties Period (907 AD. - 960 AD.), people tied bamboo flutes to kites.

With the progress of civilization, making and flying kites became popular in Weifang area of Shandong Province during Tang and Song Dynasties. Weifang's kites reached their peak in Tang and Song Dynasties.

Every spring, when it comes to sunny and bright days,,  almost every family went out to fly kites and have picnics. It is a lively folk activity and is a good time to show the kites, as well as to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. This tradition has been maintained until today, which has become the world-famous Weifang International Kite Festival, which is held every year on April 20th, solstice 25th.

Kite Making

To make a kite, first you need to make a frame, then cover it with paper or thin, tough silk, and then you can paint on it. It takes great skill to make a good kite, and flying it steadily in the sky is considered a skill.

Chinese kites have various patterns, such as fish, butterflies, insects and birds, among which the most popular ones are swallows and eagles. There are also mythological  characters like Monkey King, centipede  and Chinese long, which consists of many sections and skills to make.

Weifang Kite

In the long years of development process, Weifang kite with its unique artistic personality, was inherited from generation to generation,.

In China's kite family, Weifang kite has a long history, rich themes, and unique styles. With its broad material selection, different designs and elegant painting techniques, Weifang kite becomes famous in both ancient and modern, at home and abroad.

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